Non-Action Verbs List in English

When you’re writing, it’s important to use verbs that convey action. However, there are also times when using a non-action verb can be more effective. Here is a list of non-action verbs to help you get started.

Non Action Verbs List

Non-Action Verbs List

See love be
look think Remember
Believe Need smell
like appear Hear
believe Own seem
taste consider have
Want Seem own
possess Love prefer
Belong feel  

24 Non Action Verbs Examples

  1. Sea: They were at sea for three days.
  2. Stay: We’re staying at a hotel near the airport.
  3. Look: He looked up at the sky.
  4. Listen: Can you listen to me for a second?
  5. Search: They searched for the missing child.
  6. Seem: She seems happy.
  7. Serve: He served in the army for two years.
  8. Watch: We watched the sun set.
  9. Remain: They remained in the city.
  10. Appear: The clouds appeared in the sky.
  11. Arrive: They arrived at the hotel.
  12. Belong: This book belongs to me.
  13. Concern: This concerns you.
  14. Contain: The jar contains water.
  15. Depend: He depends on his parents.
  16. Exist: Life exists on this planet.
  17. Fit: This dress fits me well.
  18. Include: His salary includes a housing allowance.
  19. Lack: He lacks experience.
  20. Matter: This matters to me.
  21. Need: He needs your help.
  22. Own: She owns a house.
  23. Remain: The food remained on the plate.
  24. Represent: This represents a change.


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