Prefixes List A to Z Pdf

Prefixes List A to Z! Prefixes are a type of affix which is attached to the start of the root word. They change the meaning of the word. For instance, the prefixes ‘un-‘ and ‘dis-‘ can be added to adjectives to turn them into their opposite. e.g. happy – unhappy, fair – unfair. There are many other prefixes in English which do different things. You can see a list of them below, arranged in alphabetical order.

Prefixes List A to Z Pdf

Prefixes List A to Z

  • a
  • ante
  • anti
  • arch
  • auto
  • bi
  • circum
  • co
  • col, com, con
  • contra, counter
  • de
  • dia
  • dis
  • dys
  • e
  • eco
  • en(m)
  • equi
  • ex
  • extra
  • extra
  • fore
  • hyper
  • il, im, in, ir
  • in(m)
  • inter
  • intra
  • kilo
  • macro
  • mal
  • micro
  • mid
  • mis
  • mono
  • multi
  • neo
  • non
  • out
  • over
  • post
  • pre
  • pro
  • pseudo
  • quasi
  • re
  • retro
  • semi
  • sub
  • super
  • trans
  • ultra
  • un
  • under
  • well

List of Prefixes with Examples



Examples of Prefixes

eco related to environment Eco-Tourism, Eco-Disaster
a without Atypical, Amoral, Apolitical
de opposite action Declassify, Destroy
mis wrongly, incorrect Misunderstanding, Mistake, Mistranslate
non not Nonsense, Non-Believer, Non-Competitive
well useful, successful Well-Designed, Well-Written. Well-Established
over over, above, too much Overheat, Overhead, Overlook, Overcook
multi many Multicultural, Multi-Level
e electronic E-Governance, E-Book, E-Mail
under under, beneath, insufficient Undersea, Underpower, Underemployed
in(m) movement to, in Implant, Intake, Input, Import, Inset
ultra extreme Ultramodern, Ultra-Sensitive, Ultrasound
pseudo false, Pseudo-Intellectual, Pseudo-Science
pre before Pre-Independence, Pre-War, Pre-Industrial, Preview
un not Unscrew, Unusual, Unusual, Unplug, Uncertain
auto self Auto-Dial, Auto-Rotate
out more, to a great extent Outrage, Outburst, Outnumber, Outlive
inter between, connected Interrelated, Interact
co with Co-Author, Co-Edit
kilo thousand Kilowatt, Kilogram, Kilometer
post after Post-Independence, Post-Examination, Post-Modern
mal bad, badly Malfunction, Malpractice
extra outside Extraordinary, Extra-Curricular, Extrasensory
sub part of something, under, beneath, Subsection, Subway, Submarine
anti against, opposing Anti-War, Anti-Bacterial
fore before Forecast, Forelimb
mono one Mono-Centric, Monoculture
contra, counter against, opposing Counteract, Contraception, Counterclaim
micro small Micro-Economics, Micro-Scale
hyper too much Hyperactive, Hypersensitive
semi partly, half Semifinals, Semi-Precious, Semicircle, Semi-Organic
trans across Transit, Transport, Transcontinental, Transcribe
ex previously, former Ex-President, Ex-Student
neo something old in new form Neoclassical
quasi almost, not quite Quasi-Academic, Quasi-Legal
il, im, in, ir not, opposite of Irrational, Indistinct, Illogical, Impossible
mid middle Midway, Midsummer
pro in favour of Proactive, Pro-Feminist, Pro-Liberal
arch more, extreme Arch-Capitalist, Arch-Rebel
col, com, con with Connect, Collaborate, Combine
dis not, opposite of Disbelief, Distrust, Disagree, Disprove
extra very Extra-Bright, Extra-Strong
intra within Intra-Generational, Intramuscular
retro backwards Retrogressive, Retrospective
bi two, twice Bi-Monthly, Bilingual, Bisect
macro large Macroeconomics, Macro-Scale
super above or bigger Superstar, Superpower, Supersonic
dys abnormal Dyslexia, Dysfunctional
ante before Antecedent, Antedate
dia across Diagonal, Diameter
equi equal Equidistant, Equilateral
re again Return, Rename, Rediscover, Rejuvenate, Redefine
circum round Circumnavigate, Circumvent
en(m) cause to Encode, Embrace


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