Professional Vocabulary Words with Meaning Pdf

Looking to improve your professional vocabulary? Check out this handy List with definition for some key terms. With definitions for everything from “actionable” to “zenith,” you’ll be able to sound like a pro in no time!

Professional Vocabulary Words

20 Professional Vocabulary Words with Meaning/Definition

  1. Office: It is a room, set of rooms, or building where people work.
  2. Staff: It is a body of persons employed in an organization or place of work.
  3. Meeting: It is a consultation or conference between two or more people to discuss a matter.
  4. Department: It is a section of an organization that is responsible for a particular area of activity.
  5. Human Resources: It is the people who work in an organization, viewed as a resource.
  6. Business: It is the activity of making one’s living by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services).
  7. Marketing: It is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.
  8. Sales: It is the activity or process of selling something.
  9. Customer: It is a person who buys goods or services from a shop or business.
  10. Project: It is a plan or proposal to do something, typically a large or expensive undertaking.
  11. Goal: It is the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.
  12. Strategy: It is a plan of action designed to achieve a specific goal.
  13. Objective: It is a goal or target that is explicitly stated, usually in writing.
  14. Budget: It is an estimate of income and expenditure for a particular period of time.
  15. Income: It is money that is received, especially on a regular basis, in the form of wages or salaries.
  16. Expense: It is an amount of money spent, typically on something necessary.
  17. Profit: It is the financial gain made by a business after deducting all costs and taxes.
  18. Savings: It is money that is not spent but is set aside for future use.
  19. Investment: It is the action or process of investing money for profit or material gain.
  20. Risk: It is the possibility of suffering harm or loss; danger.

List of Professional Vocabulary Words

Most Common Business/Professional Words

Stock Loan Accounts
Bill of lading Board of directors Work
Win-win Employment Transaction
Trend Warranty Plan
Dismiss Hours Purchasing
Capitalist Capital Negotiation
Financial Full-time Briefcase
Accountant Deal Video conference
Fax Delivery Collateral
Offline Compromise Union
Bond Prospects Improvement
Experience Office Contract
Occupation Monthly Product
Typeface Credit Commodity
Calculate Price Dividend
Job Retailer Merchant
Production Freight Public holidays
Unit cost Chairman Profitable
Export Banknote Unsocial hours
Accruals Promotion Retire
Buy Shop Figures
Ship Debt Goods
Credit card Database Authorization
Lease Withdraw Position
Coupon Employ Sale
Commercial Equipment Mainframe
Tax Success Finance
Estimate Signature Budget
Client Paperweight Treasury
Upgrade Interest rate Outgoing
Manager Close Fire
Memo Sick leave Biannual
Salesman Result Increase
Download Online Risk
Inventory Order Unemployment
Efficiency Commerce Commission
Low Intern Cargo
Diversify Cost Agenda
Volume Presentation No-win
Billboard Worker High
Loss Refund Negotiate
Deficit Laptop Marketing
President Shipping Overtime
Co-worker Seller Buyer
Staff Labor Scarcity
Sign Manage Consumer
Secretary Saleswoman Guidebook
Economy of scale Disadvantage Arbitration
Invoice Executive Advertisement
Partner Payment Clause
Password Upload Monopoly
Benefits Lead Sales tax
Perk Output Distribution
Niche Log-in Quarterly
Borrow Invest Investment
Workroom Owner Principal
Hire Demand Petty cash
Spreadsheet Goal Rise
Quarter Entrepreneur Import
Net Trade Affordable
Income tax Business Break even
Tariff Incentive Retail
Management Part-time Packing list
Agreement Personnel Superintendent
Terms Venture Recruiter
Policy Typewriter Bottom line
Weekly Supervisor Money
Bonus Economical Down payment
Liability Motherboard Vacation time
Debit Strike Vacancy
Bill Charge Support
Growth Shareholder Notice
Letterhead Chairwoman Laborer
Wholesaler Trainee Waybill
Mogul Maternity leave Remuneration
Report Trademark Resign
Wholesale Framework Fund
Trade-off Competition Service
Stockholder Director Workspace
Deadline Wastebasket Launch
Quit Advertise Career
Application Foreman Leave
Cubicle Advantage Facilities
Bookkeeping Expenses Prime rate
Recruit Brand Merger
Graph Mouse pad Pay
Lend Duty Confirmation
Overhead Corporation Copyright
Target Meeting Feedback
Corner office Business card Organization
Income Cashier Purchase
Headquarters Boss Insurance
Discount Facility Industry
Profit Decrease Opportunity
Temp Customer Net worth
Penalty Headhunter Hourly
Notebook Network Annual
Shipment Vice-president Cold call
Treasurer Economics Lucrative
Username Make redundant Overdraft
Accounting Supply Costs
Interview Corporate Currency
Wage Guarantee Purchase order
Mailbox Ads Receipt
Salary Portfolio Market
Yield Rank Duties
Board Deflation Offer
Department Company Statement
Proposal Employer Proxy
Earning Employee Merchandise
Gross Interest Open
Sell Inflation Factory

133 Action Words for Business

Customized Consulted Spearheaded
Directed Transformed Coached
Charted Aligned Delivered
Forged Implemented Evaluated
Clarified Gained Planned
Taught Analyzed Upgraded
Generated Chaired Enabled
Tested Updated Arbitrated
Built Calculated Achieved
Acquired Established Tracked
Influenced Navigated Incorporated
Surveyed Redesigned Sustained
Organized Hired Identified
Reorganized Enhanced Headed
Guided Mapped Refined
Resolved Pioneered Mentored
Standardized Accelerated Executed
Developed Quantified Modified
Furthered Oversaw Formed
Audited Replaced Capitalized
Coordinated Recruited Qualified
Expanded Secured Introduced
Interpreted Revitalized Amplified
Created Fostered Rehabilitated
Advocated Formulated Trained
Simplified Maximized Operated
Motivated Assembled Revamped
Partnered Administered Investigated
Streamlined Educated Founded
Inspired Lifted Negotiated
Designed Explored Refocused
Remodeled Stimulated Informed
Controlled Formalized Shaped
Facilitated Discovered Overhauled
Fielded Initiated Regulated
Integrated Expedited Engineered
Mobilized Measured Strengthened
Boosted Orchestrated Cultivated
Forecasted Centralized Outpaced
Instituted Unified Restructured
Advised Devised Supervised
Merged Advanced Programmed
United Examined Converted
Improved Produced Launched

Common Positive Words for Professionals

Delicious Gracious Memorable
Reasonable Thrilling Credible
Gleaming Luxurious Promising
Tasteful Elegant Ideal
Obliging Rousing Uplifting
Blissful Faultless Kindly
Pleasant Spectacular Blessed
Fashionable Jovial Picturesque
Sought-after Desirable Harmonious
Miraculous Respectable Trusty
Empowering Important Optimal
Saintly Useful Dreamy
Heavenly Motivational Revolutionary
Ultimate Beautiful Fabulous
Irresistible Peachy Showy
Brotherly Fetching Kingly
Pleasing Spiffy Dependable
Happening Mighty Reliable
Tremendous Adventurous Enjoyable
Influential Palatable Sensational
Adaptable Energising Indisputable
Outgoing Scrumptious Amiable
Exceptional Interesting Peaceful
Shiny Endearing Indispensable
Out of this world Satisfying Vibrant
Cherished Funny Likeable
Praiseworthy Stupendous Considerable
Glamorous Luscious Prizewinning
Swanky Captivating Formidable
Legendary Positive Striking
Durable Honourable Nifty
Rewarding Unbelievable Darling
Godly Majestic Radiant
Terrific Enchanting Incredible
Original Salubrious Valuable
Beloved Compelling Fantastic
Gifted Jolly Lovable
Phenomenal Prestigious Soothing
Supreme Dapper Glowing
Magical Quality Tasty
Charming Fulfilling Liberating
Powerful Stunning Becoming
Fancy Joyful Perfect
Smashing Comforting Generous
Lordly Precious Superb
Delightful Gratifying Mesmerizing
Refreshing Titillating Calming
Flourishing Leading Pleasurable
Stimulating Amazing Enlightening
Inspiring Paramount Sexy

23 Professional Words in Example Sentences

  1. The results of the study were mixed.
  2. The committee was split on the issue.
  3. I’m in favor of smaller government.
  4. There’s a lot of red tape involved in getting a passport.
  5. We need to streamline the process.
  6. The company is downsizing.
  7. They’re outsourcing some of their production.
  8. There’s been a lot of turnover in the department lately.
  9. We’re looking for a candidate with good communication skills.
  10. He has a lot of experience in the field.
  11. She’s very qualified for the job.
  12. He’s a quick learner.
  13. She’s a go-getter.
  14. He’s a team player.
  15. This project is cross-functional.
  16. We’re looking for a synergy here.
  17. That was a brain storming session.
  18. We need to think outside the box on this one.
  19. That’s a low-hanging fruit.
  20. We should table that discussion for now.
  21. Let’s circle back to that later.
  22. Are we on the same page?
  23. Can you elaborate on that?


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