10 Short English Essay, 10 Lines Essays on Different Topics

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Short English Essay

10 Lines Short English Essays

A Visit to Hill Station

In our lives, a leisurely vacation to a hill station is really important. It allows us to take in the breathtaking scenery of nature. It revitalizes us on all levels: physically, psychologically, and emotionally. It significantly improves our competence. Last summer, I had the opportunity to spend a few days in the Murree hills, surrounded by nature. We, a group of ten students, agreed to go on a day trip to the Hilly Terrains. We chartered a coach and left for Murree from Gujranwala one sunny morning with a sense of immense relief. In approximately four hours, we arrived in Islamabad. We got off the coach and boarded a bus bound for Murree. As we approached the steep sections, the mood began to shift. On both sides of the road, we could see little hills. Along the route, there were numerous lush greenery trees. I was ecstatic because we were climbing up and up and up.

My First Day at College

Definitely deserve are similar to flowers in that they are sweet. My thirst-quenching day at Ongoing Edge is still fresh in my mind. A college is a center of freedom and education. Here, a country’s young generation sees ambitions and works tirelessly to make them a reality. The night before my first day of college, this was all I could think about. My emotions on the first day of college were a mix of elation, zeal, and zealousness. My expression and demeanor spoke it all. It was a nice late-August morning when I had to begin the beginnings of a “New life.” I sprang out of bed, dressed, and dashed out to college. According to a group of pupils, the seniors were waiting for their juniors to rag them and play tricks on them. We assumed they were thugs. They made fun of me and my companions by dressing us up like dolls. I made a complaint to the boss, but they wouldn’t let me. All of this ragging had to be endured with patience. The bell eventually rang, and the crowd began to disperse.


A pastime is a fun activity that one does in their spare time to pass the time. Some people enjoy gardening, while others are engaged in samps collecting, while still others love reading. After a long day of hard work, relaxing with a pastime is a great way to unwind. A hobby might help you forget about your exhaustion and re-energize your mind. A hobby adds a certain charm and intrigue to one’s life. In my spare time, I have knowledge by reading novels. One of the most pleasurable and life-giving delights a nan can have is reading good books. We have a nearly limitless number of options when it comes to books. Books elevate us to new levels of mind and emotion. There are instances when we are overcome by a feeling of the world’s unfathomable mystery and are unable to stand. Stuart Mill, a prominent thinker, was once in such a deep state of doubt and sorrow that he was on the verge of committing suicide because he couldn’t find any purpose in life’s conflicts and inconsistencies. But Wordsworth’s poetry saved him at that crucial moment, acting as a “healing salve” for his troubled soul.

The Pleasures of College Life

A college gate separates colleges from the rest of the world. As soon as you enter, you are immersed in a new universe. Every individual has the right to liberty, and college kids are entitled to it as well. Every student has the right to freedom of speech and action. The pupils understand that they will be in charge of their own destiny. College concerts and celebrations are more entertaining for students than actual classes. The only day when the entire college is gathered to watch the ceremony is on this day. Spring festivities are held for youngsters to remember these memorable experiences. Trips and gatherings spice up these occasions. Moreover, ‘Sports day’ is a magnificent event that allows students to escape the monotony of college life. Being a part of such a huge community expands one’s circle of friends and brings them together in a loving and caring friendship. At Robert Stewart elite mc college, the degree of trust between teachers and students has reached an all-time high, and pupils are no longer afraid to express questions.

My Aim in Life

A sailboat without a goal, sailing and fighting the seas for no apparent reason, is life without purpose. Surely, everyone acknowledges that a life without a goal is pointless. In life, having a goal is crucial. It acts as if it were a guiding light. Because man was formed for a certain purpose, it is necessary to determine one’s life path. Aims provide people the motivation to work hard. There are as many goals as there are people. When deciding on a goal, we must prioritize one that has societal use. It is critical to select the appropriate goal. My ambition in life is to become a physician. A physician serves mankind, and it is also a Muslim’s highest obligation. As a result, this vocation would assist me in fulfilling my religious obligations. “Bu Ali Sina” and “Bu Ali Nisar” developed new approaches in the realm of medicine by following the Holy Quran. Individuals used to treat others, but today’s incredible advancements in natural resources and technologies have resulted in the manufacturing of a wide range of effective pharmaceuticals. There are a lot many physicians in the world. Some are brain surgeons, others are cardiologists, and yet others are orthopedic or E.N.T. experts. I want to be a heart expert because this is a career path that is rarely pursued in Pakistan. My ambition is to work as a cardiologist. A doctor puts in a lot of effort to save a person’s life.

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