Sister’s Vs Sisters’, Which one is Correct?

The main difference between Sisters, Sister’s and Sisters’ is that; Sisters’ is the plural form of the word sister. “Sister’s” is the possessive form for singular and “Sisters’ ” is the possessive form for plural.

Note: All of the three words are pronounced the same but they are used in different places with different meanings.

Sisters Vs Sisters which is correct


The word “sisters” can have different meanings, depending on the context in which it is used.

  • In some cases, sisters may refer to two or more female siblings.
  • In other cases, sisters may refer to a group of women who are close friends or allies.
  • The term can also be used to describe women who share similar characteristics or experiences.

Example Sentences

  • I have two sisters.
  • My sisters and I are very close.
  • There is no bond stronger than that of sisters.
  • Sisters are the first friends we make, and the last ones we lose.
  • Sisters are our confidantes and the ones who know us best.
  • Sisters are always there for each other, through thick and thin.
  • Sisters share a unique understanding and connection that can never be replaced.
  • Whether sisters are close or distant, they will always have a special place in each other’s hearts.

What is the plural of sisters?

“Sisters” itself is the plural form of Sister.

What is the collective noun for sisters?

There are many collective nouns for sisters. A group of sisters can be called a “sisterhood”, “sorority”, or “band of sisters”. Sisters can also be called a “couple of sisters”, “pair of sisters”, or “set of sisters”.

What is the difference between Sister’s and Sisters?

The main difference between these is; “Sister’s” is the singular possessive form of sister which is used to show the possessiveness of anything with sister, while Sisters is the plural form of sister which means more than one sister.


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