Slang Words in English With Meaning

Slang Words in English With Meaning! Slang words are informal words and phrases that are used in everyday speech. They are not considered proper English, but they can add color and personality to your writing.

There are many slang words in English, and new ones are created all the time. Here are some of the most common slang words with their meanings:

Slang Words in English With Meaning

Slang Words in English With Meanings

Slang Words  Meanings
My bad  My mistake
Snatched  Nice and cool
Easy Peasy   Simple, straightforward.
Gotham  Nickname for New York City
I don’t buy that  I don’t believe you
On point  Relevant and appropriate, really good
Amped up  Filled with enthusiasm/energy
Buggin’  Acting crazy
In the bag  A certainty
Hit the road   to leave.
Bummer  Disappointment
Yikes!  No way! It can’t be!
Cool  Great
Gobsmacked   astonished, surprised.
E-Girl/E-Boy  An emo girl/boy
Full Monty   The whole thing, the works.
Wylin’/Wildin’  Acting crazy
Hip  Popular, trendy
Pigging Out   eating a lot.
Fortnight   Two weeks.
Posh   wealthy, upper class.
Yeet!  Expression of excitement
Extra   Over-the-top, extreme
Tight  Stylish, cool
Bent   Corrupt, illegal.
Bomb  Really good, tasty
Minging   Disgusting, vile.
Rip (someone) off  Overcharge
Boujee  Fancy and extravagant
I’m game  I can join you/I will do it
Salty  Jealous (of someone)
Periodt.  End of discussion


Oops!  When someone messes up
I’m down  I can join you/I will do it
I’m beat  I’m tired
That’s rad  That’s cool
Ex  Former girlfriend or boyfriend
Lit  Drunk, or superb
Crash  Sleep/pass out
Chill   Relax
Crusty  Unclean
Knackered   Tired, exhausted.
Chuffed   Pleased, satisfied.
Have a blast  Having a great time
Schmear  Lots of cream cheese
Bae  A best friend/loved one
Shady  Suspicious
Ace   Great, terrific.
Jacked  Muscular
Waffle   to talk nonsense.
Dozy   Sleepy, drowsy.
Dope!  Cool
I’m baby  I’m innocent/cute
Go Mental   To go crazy, to lose control.
Stoop  Steps in front of a building
Fauci ouchie  COVID-19 vaccine
Pollyfilla   newspaper used to start a fire.
Dead-Ass  Serious about something
Plonk   cheap wine.
TBH   To be honest
Blow or Bomb   to fail or to be unsuccessful
Bighead   Conceited, egotistical.
Lamp   To hit someone.
Dig Out   To find something.
Grill  Angrily stare at someone
Flex  Show off
Get Stuck In   To get started, to get going.
Steez  Effortless style
Half Inch   To flirt with someone.
Fleek  Really good, stylish
Dope   Cool or awesome
Nick   To steal something.
Off His Trolley   Crazy, insane.
Brolly   Umbrella.
Lemon Squash   A type of drink.
Cop  Buy, feel (inappropriately)
Finna  I am going to
Party animal  Someone who is always partying
Couch potato  Someone who’s always watching tv
Have A Butchers   To have a look, to take a look.
No big deal  Not a problem
Hit the books   study.
Give It A Bash   To give something a try.
Nuts  Crazy
I can’t even!  I can’t tolerate that anymore!
Pissed Off   angry.
Pratt   idiot.


Moggy   A cat.
Lipstick On A Pig   To make something look better than it is.
Drongo   Idiot, fool.
No sweat  Not a problem
Nonce   A sexual offender.
Yob   a rowdy or aggressive person.
Loose cannon  Someone dangerously uncontrollable
Tomfoolery   silly or stupid behaviour.
Whip  Car
Chat Up   To flirt with someone.
Jack Jones   To relax, to take it easy.
Brick  Freezing
Peckish   hungry.
Real talk  to get someone’s attention
Wet Blanket   someone who ruins the fun.
Fam  Family
Naff   Rubbish, terrible.
Tie the knot  Get married
Flog   To sell something.
Tune out  Stop paying attention
Harry Up   To hurry up, to hurry along.
Cake/Cheese  Money
Off the chain  Really good
You bet  You’re welcome
Cringe  Really embarrassing
Wool Gathering   daydreaming.
Pisshead   someone who drinks a lot of alcohol.
Sussed   to know or understand something.
Savvy   knowing or understanding something.
Bee’s Knees   Excellent, great.
Dump  End a relationship
Fuzz  Police
All-ears  Has your undivided attention
Holden Caulfield   To be crazy, to be insane.
Stan  Obsessive fan
No biggie  Not a problem
Sick  Cool, great
I’m in  I can join you/I will do it
Hit the road  Leave (to go somewhere)
Pass the buck  Make someone else responsible
Yas!  (Celebratory) yes!
Neurotic   Anxious, stressed.
Plastered   drunk.
Lewk  Someone’s personal style
Blue-Collar  Jobs focused on manual labor
Wallop   a hit or punch.
Get hitched  Get married
Hit the books  Study
Brass Monkeys   Cold weather.
Whiz  A smart person
Snuff  Hit/punch, drugs
Buck   one dollar
A-Game  One’s best
Gander   A look, a glance.
Slay  Excel at, win at
Birds   Women, girls.
Mutt’s Nuts   The best, the greatest.
Wee   small.
Zonked   very tired.
B-Ball   often used to abbreviate basketball
Tickety-Boo   everything is good.
Finsta  Fake/Private Instagram account
Swole  Very muscular
Legless   Drunk.
On The Pull   Looking for sex, trying to pick someone up.
Show up  Go to, do better than someone
Lurgy   A cold or flu.
Wig  That’s so cool!
Pie  Pizza (pie)


Gutted   Disappointed, upset.
Drip  Fashionable
Cheeky   Disrespectful, impudent.
Wrecked   very tired.
Ride shotgun  Sit in the front passenger seat
Popo  Police
Never mind  Let’s change the subject
Hang out  Spend time with people
You’re telling me!  I know!
Turnt  Intoxicated, energized
Salty   angry or upset.
Ghost  Suddenly start ignoring
Minted   Rich, wealthy.
Grub  Food
White-Collar  High-salary job
YOLO   “You Only Live Once”
Shook  Emotionally bothered/shaken
Wack  Bad, not cool
Schvitz  Sweating
Bollocks   Rubbish, nonsense.
Tea   Gossip, situation, story, or news
Wrap It Up!   stop talking, I’m bored!
Cray  Crazy
Mad  Very
Jiggery Pokery   Trickery, deception.
Woke  Aware of potential injustices
Gormless   Stupid, foolish.
Wrap up  Finish doing something
Rinsed   to be completely emptied of money.
All To Pot   To go wrong, to fall apart.
Hip   cool, popular.
Chicken  Coward
Punter   customer.
It sucked  It was bad
What’s up?  How are you? How’s it going?
Rings A Bell   sounds familiar.
Little Nippers   Children.
Flakey  Indecisive
Cracking   Great, excellent.
Booze  Alcohol
Cheugy  Out of style
Hot  Attractive
Bro   a friend, often used for a masculine friend
Snack  Someone who’s attractive
Pissed   drunk.
Schlep  Impatiently going between places
Clanger   A mistake.
Fag End   The end of something, the last bit.
Big mad  Really angry
Dodgy   Suspicious, untrustworthy.
Gucci  Trendy
Kiss ass  Win someone’s approval by being servile
Off the hook  Freed from blame
Get fired  Lose one’s job
Score  Get what you want
W  A win
Yeet   To throw something
Airhead  Silly/foolish person
Suck up  Win someone’s approval by being servile
Smol  Small/cute
A Bit Much   Too much, excessive.
Cobblers   Rubbish, nonsense.
Cram  Study like crazy
Jumper   Sweater.
Ice  Jewelry
Hay Fever   To be hungover.
Sus  Suspect/suspicious
Corny  silly
L  A loss
Dms’  Direct messages
Dude  A guy
Dumb  Really, very
Fit   Attractive, sexually appealing.
Jam Roly Poly   A type of pudding.
Bodega  Small neighborhood shop
Poppin’  Excellent
Icy Pole   Ice cream.
Daft   Stupid, foolish.
Hypebeast  Someone who only wants to be popular
Jonesing (For)  Really want something
Armchair CEO  Offering expertise on
Babe  Attractive woman
Emo  Overly angsty/emotional
Bondi   To fall asleep, to pass out drunk.
Pull   to pick someone up (romantically).
Make A Bricks   To urinate.
Pearl Necklace   ejaculating on a woman’s neck.
Barmy   Crazy, insane.
Kirking Off   To play truant, to skip school.
Lemon  Bad person
Flick  Movie
ASAP   stands for ‘as soon as possible’
Uppy-Downy   a mess or something that is mixed up.
Have beef  want to fight with someone
Nice One   Well done, good job.
The bomb  Excellent
Straight fire  Trendy
Drownin’  Unfashionable
Fit   Short for outfit
Have dibs on  Make a claim on/to
Curve  Rejecting someone’s advances
Fruit Cake   Crazy, eccentric person.
Dank  Excellent
Blinding   Excellent, great.
Cheesy  silly
Thirsty   Trying to get attention
Early Doors   Early on, early in the day.
Sawbuck  Us$10
No cap  Not lying
Fresh meat  New target for humiliation
Wasted  Intoxicated

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