Sounds Of Birds In English (Birds Cries Name)

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common bird sounds heard in English and their meanings.

If you don’t know the names of all the birds in your backyard, chances are you still enjoy the chirping and tweeting of these feathered friends. If not, so let us find out some popular bird names and their sounds.

Sounds Of Birds In English

Sounds Of Birds In English

Birds Bird Sounds
Whitethroats chirr
Sparrows chirp, twitter
Jays chatters
Parrots talk, screech
Pigeons coo
Birds twitter, whistle
Owls hoot, screech
Flamingos Mutter, grunt
Ducks quack
Ravens croak
Thrushes sing, whistle
Cuckoos coo
Larks sing, warble
Hawks scream
Kites scream
Redstarts whistles
Screech owls screech
Cranes hiss, honk
Cocks crow
Robins chirr, chuckle
Vultures scream
Magpies  chatters
Wrens warble
Gooses cackle, honk
Flies buzz
Canaries sing
Rooks caw
Blackbirds whistle
Pea-fowls scream
Peacocks scream
Kittens mew
Hummingbirds chatter, squeal
Peewits pee-wit
Nightingales pipe, sing
Doves coo
Falcons chant
Ostriches chirp, bark, hiss
Chaffinches chirp
Swans cry
Chickens Cluck, cackle
Hens cackle, cluck
Eagles scream
Egrets rick-rack
Grouses drums
Turkeys Cocks, gobble
Bats screech
Curlews pipe
Crows caw
Swallows twitter
Cicadas sing

10 Popular Birds and Their Sounds

  1. Crow: This black bird is known for its harsh “caw” sound.
  2. Blue Jay: Blue jay makes a sound that is commonly described as “jay jay.”
  3. Parrot: Parrots have a sweet sound that is often compared to a whistle or squeak.
  4. Finch: These little birds make a sound that is similar to that of a metal file being run along a piece of glass.
  5. Osprey: The osprey is a large bird of prey with a unique cry that sounds like a plaintive “cheep.”
  6. Seagull: These noisy birds are often heard near the shorelines, where they emit their signature “caw caw” sound.
  7. Woodpecker: The woodpecker is known for its loud, rapid-fire “chuk chuk” sound.
  8. Pigeon: The cooing sound of pigeons is often compared to that of a dove.
  9. Raven: The raven is known for its deep, guttural “croak.”
  10. Sparrow: Sparrows make a variety of sounds, but the most common is a high-pitched “chirp.”


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