Suffix List A to Z Pdf, List of Suffixes in Alphabetical Order

Suffix List A to Z! Suffixes are a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word to change its meaning. There are many different suffixes in English, each with its own function and meaning. Here is a list of the most common suffixes, along with their meanings and examples:

A: A Suffix Meaning “One Who”

er: A Suffix Meaning “More”

est: A Suffix Meaning “Most”

ful: A Suffix Meaning “Full of”

ible: A Suffix Meaning “Can Be Done”

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of different suffixes in English. Learning these suffixes can help you better understand the meaning of words and make it easier to guess the meaning of new words you encounter.

Suffix List A to Z Pdf List of Suffixes in Alphabetical Order

–able able to be capable, valuable, acceptable, stable,
-acy quality accuracy, democracy, diplomacy, autocracy, immediacy
-al process of denial, trial, criminal, seasonal, global
-ance  state nuisance, acceptance, assistance, compliance, resistance
-ate become collaborate, accurate, appropriate, climate,
-dom state of being stardom, seldom, wisdom
-en become strengthen
-en made of golden, sweeten, harden, lighten,
-ence quality of consequence, convenience, experience
-ful full of powerful , grateful,
-fy Make simplify, satisfy, diversify, exemplify, indemnify
–ible ability sensible, impossible, horrible, legible/illegible, flexible
 -ise become synthesize, advertise, advise, arise, chastise
-ise Become synthesize, advertise, advise, arise, chastise
–ish a little accomplish, extinguish, outlandish, impoverish, silverfish
 -ism belief skepticism, exceptionalism, existentialism
-ist person protagonist, scientist, theorist, receptionist, technologist
–less without meaningless, ruthless, countless, careless, needless
–like similar to seamanlike, workmanlike, canelike, sylphlike, apelike
–ly in a manner badly, boldly, bravely, carefully, certainly
-ment condition  argument, achievement, amazement, payment,
-ness state of being highness, dryness, coolness
-or person ablator, inventor, abductor, franchisor
–ous full of comous, famous, fucous, joyous, lupous
 -ship position held hardship, flagship, hardship, lordship, kingship
–some a tendency to handsome, fearsome, tiresome, lonesome, liposome
-tion state of being promotion, pollution, revolution, caution, option
-ty quality of validity, susceptibility, territoriality, sentimentality, intentionality
–ways shows direction edgeways, lengthways, sunways
–wise in a manner of umbrellawise, circularwise, flockwise, zigzagwise, spirewise

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