Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids

Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids! Synonyms and antonyms are two important concepts for kids to understand. Synonyms are words that have the same meaning, while antonyms are words that have opposite meanings. Here is a list of some common synonyms and antonyms for kids:


– Big/Large

– Fast/Quick

– Happy/Joyful


– Small/Tiny

– Slow/Calm

– Sad/Miserable

Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids

Synonyms and Antonyms for Kids





1 Beginning start, initiate finish, end
2 Antagonize provoke, embitter soothe, tranquilize
3 Masculine gallant, strapping feminine, meek
4 Proficient skilled, adept, competent inefficient, inept
5 Adherent follower, disciple rival, adversary
6 Persuade cajole, impress dissuade, halt
7 Poor destitute, needy, impoverished rich, wealthy
8 Careful cautious, watchful careless, reckless
9 Mutual joint, identical separate, distinct
10 Fluctuate deflect, vacillate stabilize, resolve
11 Confident bold, undaunted diffident, cowardly
12 Tumultuous violent, riotous peaceful, harmonious
13 Forsake desert, renounce hold, maintain
14 Absolve pardon, forgive compel, accuse
15 Wrong incorrect, untrue, mistaken correct, right
16 Condense compress, concentrate expand, enlarge
17 Defray spend, pay disclaim, repudiate
18 Serious grave, solemn, pensive flighty, fickle
19 Confess admit, acknowledge deny
20 Predicament plight, dilemma resolution, confidence
21 Negligent careless, derelict, inattentive conscientious, careful
22 Juvenile young, tender dotage, antiquated
23 Murky dusky, dreary bright, shining
24 Vacant unoccupied, empty filled, occupied
25 Reduce lessen, decrease, diminish increase, enlarge, amplify
26 Compact bunched, thick loose, diffuse
27 Transient temporal, transitory lasting, enduring
28 Obsolete extinct, dated, antiquated stylish, vogue, current
29 Impair diminish, deteriorate restore, revive
30 Insufficient inadequate, deficient adequate, enough


31 Premature early, hasty late, delayed
32 Luxuriant profuse, abundant scanty, meager
33 Surplus excess, additional, extra lack, deficit
34 Mourn grieve, lament, bemoan rejoice
35 Honor adoration, reverence denunciation, shame
36 Loose slack, limp tight
37 Rout vanquish, overthrow succumb, withdraw
38 Grisly disgusting, atrocious pleasing, attractive
39 Outrageous preposterous, shocking warranted, acceptable
40 Judicious thoughtful, prudent irrational, foolish
41 Raze destroy, demolish build, construct
42 Insipid tedious, prosaic pleasing, appetizing
43 Zig -zag oblique, wayward straight, unbent
44 Relevant pertinent, suitable, apropos irrelevant, insignificant
45 Wane decline, dwindle ameliorate, rise
46 Languid sluggish, apathetic energetic, spirited
47 Obey mind, heed, comply disobey, resist
48 Separate divide, segregate, partition unite, join
49 Reliable trustworthy, steadfast, stable undependable, unreliable
50 Shy bashful, timid bold, aggressive
51 Cruel mean, heartless, ruthless kind, humane
52 Connect join, link, attach separate, disconnect
53 Utterly completely, entirely deficiently, incomplete
54 Glory dignity, renown shame, disgrace
55 Novice tyro, beginner veteran, ingenious
56 Reveal the show, disclose, divulge hide, conceal
57 Large big, massive, huge small, little
58 Urge incite, implore abhorrence, abomination
59 Radiant luminous, shining, lustrous dim, not illuminated
60 Encumbrance hindrance, obstacle incentive, stimulant


61 Axiom adage, truism absurdity, blunder
62 Wise knowing, scholarly, smart dull, uneducated
63 Adequate sufficient, enough, ample insufficient, sparse
64 Tranquil peaceful, composed violent, furious
65 Scrupulous meticulous, ethical, fastidious unethical, careless
66 Proud arrogant, elated modest, ashamed
67 Niggardly miser, covetous generous, profuse
68 Mitigate alleviate, relieve augment enhance
69 Callous obdurate, unfeeling compassionate, tender
70 Precious cherished, valuable, prized cheap, worthless
71 Rebellious restless, attacking submissive, compliant
72 Convalesce recuperate, recover, heal relapse
73 Obvious evident, apparent obscure, ambiguous
74 Shabby miserable, impoverished prosperous, thriving
75 Accord agreement, harmony discord
76 Constantly always, continually scarcely, seldom
77 Strong powerful, mighty, potent weak
78 Subsequent consequent, following preceding, previous
79 Contempt scorn, disregard regard, praise
80 Keen sharp, poignant vapid, insipid
81 Smooth slick, glossy, level rough
82 Sublime magnificent, eminent ridiculous
83 Obstruct impede, prevent hasten, encourage
84 Approve accept, ratify, endorse disapprove, censure
85 Scarce scanty, rare, sparse plentiful, abundant
86 Modest humble, courteous arrogant, pompous
87 Portion part, segment, piece whole, total
88 Hostile antagonistic, aggressive, militant friendly, cordial
89 Temperate cool, moderate boisterous, violent
90 Feeble weak, frail strong, robust


91 Abortive vain, unproductive productive
92 New unused, fresh, modern old, antique
93 Relentless persistent, merciless, unyielding lenient, sympathetic
94 Recreation amusement, pleasure, pastime work, labor
95 Base vulgar, coarse summit, noble
96 Concord agreement, accord discord
97 Contaminate pollute, defile, infect purify
98 Irrelevant inappropriate, unrelated relevant, pertinent, applicable
99 Total whole, entire, complete partial
100 Internal inner, inside external, outer
101 Decipher interpret, reveal misinterpret, distort
102 Upset perturb, ruffle, agitate soothe, calm
103 Wary cautious, circumspect heedless, negligent
104 Lure attract, entice repel, dissuade
105 Impulsive flaky, impetuous cautious, deliberate
106 Befogged becloud, dim clear-headed, uncloud
107 Ravage destroy, ruin reconstruct, renovate
108 System scheme, entity chaos, disorder
109 Dangerous unsafe, hazardous, perilous safe
110 Raise hoist, elevate lower
111 Colossal enormous, immense, mammoth tiny, insignificant, trivial
112 Thaw melt, defrost freeze
113 Reluctant cautious, averse anxious, eager
114 Sociable friendly, cordial, gregarious unfriendly, aloof
115 Timid diffident, coward bold, intrepid
116 Quack impostor, deceiver upright, unfeigned
117 Humble meek, timid proud, assertive
118 Care concern, protection neglect
119 Cozy comfortable, snug, homey uncomfortable
120 Lenient compassionate, merciful cruel, severe


121 Grudge hatred, aversion benevolence, affection
122 Gloomy bleak, cloudy gay, bright
123 Stationary fixed, immobile, firm movable, portable
124 Candid blunt, bluff evasive
125 Regular routine, customary, steady irregular, abnormal
126 Subvert demolish, sabotage generate, organize
127 Offend displease, affront, disgust please, delight
128 Hamstrung cripple debilitate strengthen, encourage
129 Charming delightful, appealing, enchanting obnoxious, gross, vulgar
130 Intriguing fascinating, enthralling uninteresting, dull
131 Thrive prosper, flourish, develop fail, fade, shrivel
132 Vague unclear, obscure, indistinct clear, definite
133 Outbreak eruption, insurrection compliance, subjection
134 Harmony conformity, amicability discord, discord
135 Conflict fight, battle, struggle peace, harmony
136 Authentic accurate, credible fictitious, unreal
137 Knotty complicated difficult simple, manageable
138 Immerse submerge, involve emerge, uncover
139 Frantic violent, agitated subdued, gentle
140 Eager keen, acquisitive indifferent, apathetic
141 Pertness flippancy, impudence modesty, diffidence
142 Comical amusing, funny, humorous tragic, sorrowful
143 Innocent guiltless, blameless guilty
144 Tangible concrete, definite vague, ambiguous
145 Arraign incriminate, indict exculpate, pardon
146 Awful dreadful, atrocious pleasant
147 Polite gracious, refined, courteous rude, discourteous
148 Ascend climb escalate descend, decline
149 Ban prohibit, forbid, outlaw allow, permit
150 Derogatory sarcastic, critical laudatory, appreciative
151 Sarcastic ironical, derisive courteous, gracious
152 Abject despicable, servile commendable, praiseworthy
153 Identical alike, duplicate different, varied
154 Painstaking meticulous, precise, fastidious careless, negligent
155 Complex complicated, intricate simple

Learning synonyms and antonyms can help expand a child’s vocabulary. It can also help improve their writing and speaking skills. By understanding how to use synonyms and antonyms, kids can choose better words to communicate their thoughts and feelings more effectively.


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