Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter H

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter H! There are many words in the English language that have similar meanings, known as synonyms. Some words have opposite meanings, known as antonyms. Here are some examples of synonyms and antonyms starting with the letter H.

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter H


happy – content, delighted, pleased

hard – difficult, challenging, demanding

honest – truthful, sincere, authentic


happy – sad, upset, unsatisfied

hard – easy, simple, effortless

honest – dishonest, fraudulent, deceptive

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter H

Sr. Words Synonyms Antonyms
1 Hamstrung cripple debilitate strengthen, encourage
2 Handy useful, convenient, skillful inconvenient, inept
3 Hapless unfortunate, ill-fated fortunate, lucky
4 Harass irritate, molest assist, comfort
5 Hard firm, solid, difficult soft, easy
6 Harmony conformity, amicability discord, discord
7 Hasty abrupt, impetuous leisurely, cautious
8 Hate loathe, detest love
9 Haughty arrogant, pompous humble, submissive
10 Hazard peril, danger conviction, security
11 Help aid, assist hinder, thwart
12 Heretic non-conformist, secularist conformable, religious
13 Hideous frightful, shocking attractive, alluring
14 High elevated, lofty low
15 Hold grasp, grip, retain release, discharge
16 Honest truthful, sincere, frank untruthful, insincere
17 Honor adoration, reverence denunciation, shame
18 Hospitable welcoming, cordial, gracious rude, unfriendly
19 Hostile antagonistic, aggressive, militant friendly, cordial
20 Huge vast, immense, great small, tiny
21 Humble meek, timid proud, assertive
22 Humiliate embarrass, disgrace, dishonor honor, dignify
23 Humility resignation, fawning boldness, pride
24 Hypocrisy deception, pharisaism sincerity, frankness


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