Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter O

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter O! One way to improve your English vocabulary is by studying synonyms and antonyms of words. Here are some common English words starting with the letter O, along with their synonyms and antonyms.

  • Obey: to comply with or follow (a rule, order, or request).

Synonyms: comply with, adhere to, conform to.

Antonyms: defy, disobey, flout.

  • Occupy: to take up or fill (time, space, etc.).

Synonyms: fill, take up.

Antonyms: empty, vacate.

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter O

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter O

Sr. Words Synonyms Antonyms
1 Obliging complaisant, willing mulish, obstinate
2 Oblivious unconscious, preoccupied, dazed mindful, aware
3 Obnoxious offensive, abominable, repulsive pleasant, pleasing
4 Obscure arcane, vague prominent
5 Observe examine, study, scrutinize ignore, disregard
6 Obsolete extinct, dated, antiquated stylish, vogue, current
7 Obstinate stubborn, adamant pliable, flexible
8 Obstruct impede, prevent hasten, encourage
9 Obtain access, inherit forfeit
10 Obvious evident, apparent obscure, ambiguous
11 Occult latent, ambiguous intelligible, transparent
12 Odd peculiar, weird, strange usual, ordinary
13 Odious malevolent, obnoxious engaging, fascinating
14 Offend displease, affront, disgust please, delight
15 Offensive abhorrent, obnoxious engaging, fascinating

16 Offspring descendant, sibling ancestor, forefather
17 Ominous menacing, foreboding auspicious
18 Opaque obscure, shady transparent, bright
19 Open begin, unfold, originate close
20 Opponent enemy, rival, foe ally, friend
21 Optimist idealist pessimist
22 Optimistic hopeful, confident pessimistic
23 Optional voluntary, elective required
24 Oracular cryptic, vague lucid, distinct
25 Ordain order, impose revoke abolish
26 Ordinary usual, average unusual, remarkable
27 Ornamental decorative, adorned unseemly, plain
28 Outbreak eruption, insurrection compliance, subjection
29 Outrage offense, maltreatment praise, favor
30 Outrageous preposterous, shocking warranted, acceptable
31 Outstanding extraordinary, distinguished insignificant, inconsequential


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