Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with the Letter C

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter C! There are many words in the English language that have similar meanings, known as synonyms. Some words have opposite meanings, known as antonyms. Here are some examples of words starting with the letter C:

Common synonyms starting with C include:

-Crazy and insane

-Clumsy and awkward

-Code and cipher

Common antonyms starting with C include:

-Calm and serene

-Clever and dull

-Contract and expand

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with Letter C

Synonyms and Antonyms Starting with the Letter C

Sr. Words Synonyms Antonyms
1 Calculating canny, devious artless, honest
2 Callous obdurate, unfeeling compassionate, tender
3 Calm harmonious, unruffled stormy, turbulent
4 Calumny defamation, aspersion commendation, praise
5 Camouflage cloak, disguise reveal
6 Candid blunt, bluff evasive
7 Capable competent, able incompetent, inept
8 Captivate charm, fascinate disillusion offend
9 Captivity imprisonment, confinement freedom, liberty
10 Capture apprehend, seize, arrest free, release
11 Care concern, protection neglect
12 Careful cautious, watchful careless, reckless
13 Carnal earthly, fleshly spiritual
14 Catholic generic, liberal narrow- minded
15 Cease terminate, desist begin, originate
16 Celebrated acclaimed, lionized unknown, inglorious
17 Cement plaster, mortar disintegrate
18 Censure rebuke, reprimand praise, acceptance
19 Certain positive, sure, definite uncertain, unsure
20 Charming delightful, appealing, enchanting obnoxious, gross, vulgar


21 Chaste virtuous, pure sullied, lustful
22 Chastise punish, admonish cheer, encourage
23 Cheap competitive, inexpensive dear, unreasonable
24 Chilly cool, nippy warm
25 Chubby plump, pudgy thin, skinny
26 Clandestine covert, furtive open, legal
27 Clarify explain, simplify confuse
28 Classic simple, typical romantic, unusual
29 Close shut, fasten open
30 Coarse bawdy, boorish fine, chaste
31 Colossal enormous, immense, mammoth tiny, insignificant, trivial
32 Combine bled, unite, join separate
33 Comic clown, jester tragic, tragedian
34 Comical amusing, funny, humorous tragic, sorrowful
35 Compact bunched, thick loose, diffuse
36 Compassion kindness, sympathy cruelty, barbarity
37 Competent capable, qualified incompetent, inept
38 Complex complicated, intricate simple
39 Comprehend understand, grasp confuse, misinterpret
40 Compress abbreviate, shrink amplify, expand


41 Comprise include, contain reject, lack
42 Concede yield, permit deny, reject
43 Conceit egotism, immodesty modesty
44 Concord agreement, accord discord
45 Concrete real, tangible, solid abstract, flimsy
46 Concur approve, agree differ, disagree
47 Condemn castigate, chide approve, praise
48 Condense compress, concentrate expand, enlarge
49 Confess admit, acknowledge deny
50 Confident bold, undaunted diffident, cowardly
51 Confine contain, enclose, restrain free, release
52 Conflict fight, battle, struggle peace, harmony
53 Conform comply, submit dissent, dispute
54 Confuse complicate, muddle, jumble clarify
55 Congested overcrowded, stuffed empty, unfilled
56 Connect join, link, attach separate, disconnect
57 Conscientious scrupulous, virtuous neglectful, careless
58 Conscious aware, cognizant unaware, unconscious
59 Consecutive successive, continuous interrupted
60 Consent agree, permit object disagree


61 Consequence effect, outcome origin, start
62 Conservative cautious, restrained radical, extreme
63 Considerate thoughtful, sympathetic, mindful thoughtless, selfish
64 Consolidate solidify, strengthen separate, weaken
65 Conspicuous prominent, obvious concealed, hidden
66 Constantly always, continually scarcely, seldom
67 Contaminate pollute, defile, infect purify
68 Contempt scorn, disregard regard, praise
69 Contented satisfied, pleased dissatisfied, unhappy
70 Continue persist, persevere discontinue, stop
71 Contradict deny, oppose approve, confirm
72 Contrary dissimilar, conflicting similar, alike
73 Convalesce recuperate, recover, heal relapse
74 Convenient handy, accessible inconvenient
75 Conventional customary, traditional unusual
76 Correct accurate, right, proper wrong, incorrect
77 Courage bravery, valor cowardice
78 Courteous polite, civil rude
79 Courtesy generosity, reverence disdain, rudeness
80 Cover conceal, hide expose
81 Cozy comfortable, snug, homey uncomfortable
82 Cranky cross, irritable good-humored
83 Crazy insane, daft, mad sane
84 Creation formation, foundation destruction
85 Cruel mean, heartless, ruthless kind, humane
86 Cry sob, weep laugh

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