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Synonyms for Kids! As anyone who has ever played a game of Scrabble knows, synonyms can come in very handy. Not only do they help to broaden your vocabulary, but they can also be used to score big points. However, synonyms can also be very useful for kids. By familiarizing themselves with a variety of synonyms, kids can learn to better express themselves.

For instance, instead of always using the word “good,” a child could learn to use words like “great,” “excellent,” or “wonderful.” As a result, kids who know how to use synonyms will have an easier time communicating their thoughts and feelings.

In addition, they’ll also be better equipped to succeed on standardized tests, which often require students to identify synonyms. So, don’t be afraid to introduce your kids to the world of synonyms. It just might help them in more ways than you ever imagined.

Learning synonyms is a great way for kids to expand their vocabulary. Not only will they be able to better understand the meaning of words, but they’ll also be able to choose the perfect word for any situation. Here are a few of our favorite synonyms for kids:

Synonyms for Kids

Synonyms for Kids

1- Big: huge, enormous, gargantuan

2- Happy: joyful, content, satisfied

3- Sad: upset, disappointed, discouraged

4- Fast: quick, speedy, swift

5- Slow: gradual, leisurely, methodical

6- Crazy: wild, insane, nuts

7- Smart: intelligent, brilliant, clever

8- Dumb: stupid, idiotic, foolish

9- Strong: powerful, muscular, brawny

10- Weak: feeble, frail, delicate

11- Loud: deafening, blaring, ear-splitting

12- Quiet: silent, hushed, muted

13- Hard: difficult, challenging, demanding

14- Easy: effortless, simple, uncomplicated

15- Young: immature, inexperienced, adolescent

16- Old: ancient, mature, seasoned

17- New: fresh, modern, up-to-date

18- Used: pre-owned, secondhand, recycled

19- Clean: spotless, immaculate, pristine

20- Dirty: filthy, disgusting, grubby

21- Empty: vacant, deserted, bare

22- Full: crammed, overflowing, packed

23- Bad: evil, wicked, sinful

24- Good: virtuous, kind, altruistic

25- First: initial, opening, premier

26- Last: final, closing, concluding

27- Open: accessible, available, free

28- Close: shut, sealed, locked

29- Best: superior, exemplary, outstanding

30- Worst: inferior, substandard, second-rate

31- True: accurate, factual, precise

32- False: incorrect, inaccurate, mistaken

33- Epic: monumental, legendry, heroic

34- Lame: unimpressive, dull, boring

35- Huge: massive, gigantic, vast

36- Tiny: minuscule, itsy-bitsy, wee

37- Awesome: cool, excellent, great

38- Terrible: horrible, atrocious, appalling

39- Fast: quick, speedy, rapid

40- Slow: gradual, sluggish, delayed

41- Early: premature, anticipatory, beforehand

42- Late: tardy, behind schedule, overdue

43- Bright: radiant, luminous, shining

44- Dim: faint, shadowy, dark

45- Delicious: scrumptious, delectable, savory

46- Disgusting: revolting, nauseating, sickening

47- Famous: celebrated, renowned, distinguished

48- Infamous: notorious, scandalous, disgraceful

49-Precious: cherished, valuable, priceless

50- Worthless: valueless, useless, futile”


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