Thank You All or Thank You Everyone? Which is correct?

Both are correct and are the same in meaning. But they are different in the way we use them.

Thank You All or Thank You Everyone

While “thank you all” and “thank you everyone” may appear to be interchangeable, there is a subtle difference in the way we use them although both have the same meaning. “Thank you all” typically refers to a group of people who have done something together, while “thank you everyone” can be used more broadly to express gratitude to a larger number of people.

For example, if you are writing to thank a team of colleagues for their hard work on a project, “thank you all” would be an appropriate choice. On the other hand, “thank you everyone” might be used to express thanks for the support of your network during a difficult time. In general, either phrase can be used to express gratitude; however, “thank you all” implies that the recipients are part of a group while “thank you everyone” casts a wider net.

Thank You All vs. Thank You, Everyone, vs. Thanks All

Again, all of these are the same in meaning and interchangeable. “Thank you all” and “thank you everyone” is more formal, while “thanks all” is more casual. In other words, the level of formality should be considered when deciding which phrase to use.

Here are some examples:

Casual: Thanks all for coming to my party!

Formal: Thank you all for coming to my presentation.

In summary, whether you choose to say “thank you all,” “thank you, everyone,” or “thanks all” is a matter of personal preference and the level of formality you wish to convey.

How do you thank everyone in a group?

The best phrases to use in this case are “Thank you all” or “Thank you, everyone.” But if you want to get more specific, here are some phrases you can use:

  • I’m grateful to have such supportive friends. Thank you all for being there for me.
  • Thank you, everyone, for coming to my birthday party. It means a lot to me.
  • Thank you all for your help with the move. I couldn’t have done it without you!
  • Thanks, everyone, for pitching in to clean up the park. The community appreciates it!
  • What is another word for thank everyone?
  • Another word that has a similar meaning is “appreciate.” For example,
  • I appreciate all of your support during this difficult time.


In conclusion, “thank you all,” “thank you, everyone,” and “thanks all” are interchangeable and have the same meaning. The level of formality should be considered when deciding which phrase to use. Additionally, other words that have a similar meaning to “thank everyone” include “appreciate” and “grateful.”

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