“They Were” vs “They Was” Which is correct?

The main difference between “They Were” and “They Was” is that; “They Were” is grammatically correct and used for more than one person or things, while “They Was” is grammatically incorrect but used in some informal local conversations.

Because was is the helping word that is used with singular nouns or pronouns.

They Were vs They Was Which is correct

They Were

“They Were” is the combination of third person and past continuous tense helping verb. Were is always used with plural nouns, pronouns, and second person “you”, but in some cases, it can be used with “I” as a subjunctive of be.

Example Sentences

  • They Were friends.
  • They Were going to hill stations.
  • There were dying to go there.
  • They were in love with each other.
  • They were the best of friends.
  • They were always there for each other.

Do we use was or were with I?

Was is used with “I” because ‘I” is singular pronoun, so we use was with singular ones.

Where can we use were?

Were is used with plural pronouns in past continuous tense. It can be used as a subjunctive of be. For example, If I “were” you, I’d demand a raise.

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