4 Types of Articles in English Grammar (Definition & Examples)

Are you an ESL student looking to improve your writing skills? In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of articles and give examples. We will also provide tips on how to write each type of article. Read on to learn more!

Why Articles are Important in English?

As an ESL student, it is important to understand the different types of articles. This will help you improve your writing skills in English. Articles are generally used to describe or give information about things. These can be people, places, or things. Whenever you are reading an article in English, recognize whether the author is using a specific type of article style. This will help you better understand what they are saying.

Now that you know why articles are important for ESL students, let’s go over the different types of articles!

Definition of  Articles

An article is a word that is used before nouns to indicate if the noun refers to a specific item or not. There are two types of articles; definite and indefinite.


  • A cat is a small mammal that has soft fur and sharp claws.
  • What is the cat doing?

In the first sentence, “a” is the determiner and it refers to all cats. In the second sentence, “the” is used because “cat” refers to one specific cat.

4 Types of Articles

types of articles

Definite Article

The word “the” is a definite article. The definite article goes before specific, known nouns. It answers what the specific thing or idea is. “The” is used with singular nouns, plural nouns that are considered a group, and plural nouns that have not been mentioned.

Here is another example:

  • The iPhone 7 has not yet been released. It will come out on September 16th, 2016.

As you can see in the example, the defining article ‘the’ tells us that we are specifically talking about the iPhone 7. The sentence is making it clear that the iPhone 7 will be released on September 16th, 2016. Therefore, this sentence is introducing the topic of the iPhone 7.

Indefinite Articles

Indefinite articles give more general information about something or several things without exactly specifying which one they are. This type of article can be used to introduce a new topic or give background information.

Here is an example:

  • An iPhone is very popular. There are even fan pages dedicated to them on social media.

In this sentence, the indefinite articles ‘a’ and ‘an tell us that iPhones are generally popular. The author does not specify which iPhones they are talking about. The author could be talking about the new iPhone 7, some older models of the iPhone, or even all models of iPhones.

Introducing Articles

Introducing articles give very specific information about a particular thing or things. This type of article precedes nouns and names to make it clear which one something is.

Here is an example:

  • When I first started working at the Apple Store, my co-workers said they loved their iPhones.

The introducing article ‘the’ before ‘Apple Store’ tells us which store this person is referring to. It could be any store, but the author specifies that it’s the Apple Store. Additionally, the introducing article ‘the’ tells us that this person is talking about their co-workers specifically.

Non-defining Articles

Non-defining articles give more general information without exactly specifying which one something is. This type of article can be used to introduce a new topic or provide background information for the reader.

Here is an example:

  • The iPhone is very popular and comes in different colors.

In this sentence, the non-defining articles ‘a’ and ‘the’ tell us that iPhones are generally popular without specifying which iPhones they are talking about. The author does not specify which colors the iPhone comes in. This type of article can also be used to give background information on a topic without specifying which one it is.

  • A tip for these articles is to try reading each article out loud to yourself or with a native speaker. This will help you tell the difference between each type of article and hear how they sound when spoken.

When should we not use articles?

When we write essays, letters, or other papers in English, we do not use articles. Remember that articles are most important when speaking and listening to another person. You can leave out articles in most papers or texts unless you want to sound more formal or specific by using them.

Although there are several different types of articles with examples, this list contains the main types of articles. Now that you know about them, make sure to practice using each type in your writing and speaking!

Are articles part of grammar?

Yes, articles are part of grammar. Articles are words used before nouns or noun phrases to make them specific. There are several different types of articles with examples including the, a, an, and more. When writing papers in English, you do not need to use articles most of the time unless you want to sound more formal or specific.

20 Examples of Articles (The, A, An) in Sentences

1) They were going to the park.

2) Would you like a juice box?

3) Do we have an extra pencil?

4) An orange is a delicious fruit.

5) I bought a watermelon yesterday!

6) A banana would be great for breakfast.

7) The apple was too sour and made me pucker.

8) The new iPhone is sleek and expensive.

9) An ipad costs $500! I don’t think we can afford it.

10) Have you ever had a dog?

11) A dog is a loyal companion for many people.

12) The cat slept all day on the windowsill.

13) Have you seen an ant?

14) A cat is like a tiny tiger!

15) I saw an elephant at the zoo yesterday.

16) Please give me that ant farm; I want to see the ants up close.

17) How much does this apple cost?

18) The price for this orange is $1.50!

19) A jellyfish is a beautiful ocean creature.

20) My phone doesn’t have a camera so I’ll take a picture with my iPad.

Are articles important in English?

Yes, articles are important when speaking and writing the English language. Articles tell us if something is specific or not which helps us to understand what type of information is being shared. There are several different types of articles with examples including the, a, an, and more.

Infographics (Types of Articles)

definite article indefinite article introducing article non-introducing article

Articles (a, an, the) are part of English Grammar. Articles help to make English sentences more precise. There are several types of articles with examples including the, a, an, and more. Remember that in English papers or formal texts we do not need to use articles but if you want to sound more specific or formal by all means, go ahead! If you are having difficulty using them then getting some Practice is always the best way. Happy learning!


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