What Are The 50 Examples of Synonyms?

What Are The 50 Examples of Synonyms? When it comes to learning English, one of the most difficult things can be memorizing all of the different words with similar meanings. This is where synonyms come in handy. A synonym is a word with the same or similar meaning as another word.

For example, the words “big” and “large” are synonyms. This means that they can be used interchangeably in most situations. However, there are some instances where one word may be more appropriate than the other. For example, you would use the word “big” to describe something that is physically large, but you might use the word “large” to describe an amount that is greater than usual.

What Are The 50 Examples of Synonyms

50 Examples of Synonyms

Here are 50 examples of synonyms:

Sr. Words Synonyms
1 Outrageous Preposterous, shocking
2 Insinuate Allude, hint
3 Glad Happy, pleased, delighted
4 Plump    Chubby
5 Dead Lifeless, deceased
6 Stable Steady, unchanging, settled
7 Impenitent Uncontrived, obdurate
8 Innocent    Blameless
9 Furious Angry, enraged, infuriated
10 Difficult    Querulous
11 Prejudiced Biased, opinionated, influenced
12 Cry    Yip
13 Record    Write
14 Successful Propitious, felicitous
15 Represent    Mean
16 Bashful Shy, timid
17 Social phobia    Xenophobia
18 Murder    Kill
19 Despise Hate, detest, loathe
20 Immerse Submerge, involve


21 Consecutive Successive, continuous
22 Gossiper    Yenta
23 Ordinary    Average
24 Sufficient Ample, enough, adequate
25 Dimli    Zazaki
26 Censure    Condemn
27 Possibility    Viability
28 Fancy Elaborate, ornate, fussy
29 Agitate    Roil
30 Particularly    Especially
31 Row    Queue
32 Genuine    Authentic
33 Shrewd Cunning, craftly
34 Lengthy    Long
35 Luxurious Extravagant, elegant
36 Trivial Trifling, insignificant
37 Military rule    Junta
38 Great Outstanding, remarkable
39 Adequate Sufficient, enough, ample
40 Bewitching Alluring, charming
41 Approve Accept, ratify, endorse
42 Tremble Vibrate
43 Helpful    Beneficial
44 Dumb Stupid, dense
45 Slice    Segment
46 Link    Nexus
47 Careful Cautious, watchful
48 Provoke    Antagonize
49 Farewell speech    Valedictory
50 Accomplish    Achieve


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