Without further ado, due or adieu? Which is Correct?

Without further ado means “without any more delay.” It can be translated to “without any more delay” or “let’s move on.” The phrase is derived from the French “sans plus de retard” which means “without any more delay. On the other hand without further due or adieu are not correct.

Without further ado due or adieu

When to use “Without further ado”?

This phrase can be used in a number of contexts. However, one generally accepted way to use “Without further ado?” is when introducing a speaker or performer. Another common way to use “Without further ado?” is when ending a presentation or speech.


Without further ado, I’d like to introduce our keynote speaker, Jane Doe.” This usage suggests that there is more to come and that the introduction is just a brief preview.


For example: “Thank you for your time. Without further ado, I’ll hand things over to our next speaker.”

This usage suggests that the presenter is done talking and that the audience can now move on to other things.

  • Without further ado, I would like to introduce the new vice president of the company.
  • Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Is without further ado correct?

Yes, “Without further ado” is grammatically correct. The phrase seems to suggest that there is already more ado than necessary, which may not be the case. However, the phrase is often used in formal settings, and it appears to be considered correct by most grammarians.

Why does Boss say “without further ado”?

There are a few different reasons why bosses might say “without further ado.” It could be to signal the beginning of a meeting, to get everyone’s attention, or to show that they’re about to start talking seriously. In some cases, it might also be used as a way of cutting off discussion or debate. Whatever the reason, there’s usually a specific purpose behind the boss saying “without further ado.

Why do social media influencers say “Without Further Ado”?

It could be to get someone’s attention, to make a point, or to show that they are confident in what they are saying. When an influencer says something without further ado, it often grabs people’s attention and makes them listen more closely. This is because the influencer has shown that they are not afraid to speak up and that they believe in what they are saying.

Other Ways to say “Without Further Ado”

  • In a flash
  • Forthwith
  • Right away
  • Without more ado
  • Without delay
  • As soon as possible
  • Without further delay..
  • At once
  • Straight away
  • Quickly
  • Let’s get into this
  • Instantly
  • Moving on
  • This Instant
  • Straightaway
  • Directly
  • Promptly
  • Here and now
  • Let’s move on
  • This minute
  • Right now
  • Immediately

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