40 Example Sentences Using Distributive Pronouns

Welcome to today’s useful lesson. If you’re learning English or just want to polish your skills, you’re in the right place. Our focus today is on a special part of English that helps us talk about things one by one. It’s something you use more often than you might think. This lesson is made simple, so everyone can get the hang of it.

Definition of Distributive Pronouns

Distributive pronouns are words that we use to refer to members of a group separately rather than collectively. They help us distribute something among individuals or talk about them one at a time.

Common examples include “each,” “either,” and “neither.” For instance, when we say, “Each of the students got a prize,” we’re using “each” to talk about the students one by one, making sure it’s clear that every single student received a prize.

Similarly, “Either of you can help me with this task” means that one person from a group of two is sufficient to help. “Neither of the options appeals to me” indicates that out of two choices, not a single one is preferred.

Examples of Distributive Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Each student received a workbook.
  2. The twins are so alike that neither can be easily distinguished from the other.
  3. Either road leads to the town center.
  4. Neither answer is correct.
  5. I spoke to the players, and each agreed to the terms.
  6. Each of the cakes has a different flavor.
  7. Each guest received a personalized gift.
  8. You can have either tea or coffee.
  9. Neither plan seems to be working.
  10. You can sit on either side of the bench.
  11. Neither of the solutions worked.
  12. In the end, each participant was awarded a certificate.
  13. Either option seems suitable for our project.
  14. Neither of the movies was interesting to me.
  15. Each day brings a new challenge.
  16. You may choose either dessert or coffee.
  17. Neither of the brothers attends this school.
  18. Each of the books offers a unique perspective.
  19. Either of these pens will do.
  20. Neither of the dresses fits me.
  21. In the garden, either path leads to a beautiful fountain.
  22. The questions were so tough that neither contestant knew the answers.
  23. At the concert, each song was met with enthusiastic applause.
  24. Each piece of artwork tells a story.
  25. Each apple in the basket is fresh.
  26. Neither contestant won the final round.
  27. You can take either path; both are scenic.
  28. Each of the artists has their style.
  29. Neither of the arguments is convincing enough.
  30. Each time I visit, I discover something new.
  31. Each member of the team has a specific role.
  32. The cat, though small, has each of its toys well-organized.
  33. In this game, either player can win with the right strategy.
  34. During the trip, each moment felt like an adventure.
  35. For dessert, you can have either ice cream or pie.
  36. In the debate, neither side seemed to gain an upper hand.
  37. The team worked hard so that each member could shine.
  38. Either day is fine for the meeting.
  39. Neither of the keys opens the door.
  40. Each moment spent with you is precious.

Examples of Distributive Pronouns in Sentences


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