30 Example Sentences Using Object Pronouns

Welcome to today’s useful lesson. If you’re starting to learn English or just want to get better at it, you’re in the right place. This lesson will focus on a key part of English grammar that everyone uses in daily conversations. It’s going to be simple and straightforward, so anyone can understand. Let’s get started and make your English learning journey a bit easier.

Definition of Object Pronouns

Object pronouns are words that replace the object of a sentence, which is the person or thing that receives the action. In English, the object pronouns are “me,” “you,” “him,” “her,” “it,” “us,” “them.” These pronouns help us avoid repetition and make sentences smoother.

For example, instead of saying “Sarah saw Sarah in the mirror,” we can say “Sarah saw her in the mirror.” The word “her” is an object pronoun that replaces “Sarah” in the second part of the sentence, making it clearer and less repetitive.

Examples of Object Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Can you help me with this?
  2. I will meet you at the park.
  3. She told him a secret.
  4. He gave her a gift.
  5. The cat chased it under the table.
  6. They invited us to their party.
  7. We couldn’t see them in the crowd.
  8. Please tell me the truth.
  9. She will call you later.
  10. Can him hear us from there?
  11. I bought her a new book.
  12. The dog followed it home.
  13. The teacher is proud of us.
  14. The movie didn’t impress them.
  15. Pass me the salt, please.
  16. Did you know about this?
  17. The game surprised him.
  18. That song always relaxes her.
  19. The wind blew it away.
  20. Our parents are proud of us.
  21. The joke made them laugh.
  22. Can me try that?
  23. This gift is for you.
  24. She didn’t recognize him.
  25. He didn’t call her back.
  26. The baby threw it on the floor.
  27. They helped us with the project.
  28. We didn’t hear them come in.
  29. Give me another chance.
  30. I didn’t tell you the story.
Examples of Object Pronouns in Sentences


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