30 Example Sentences Using Subject Pronouns

Welcome to our useful lesson! Today, we’re going to explore something that everyone uses when they talk or write in English. It’s a part of English that helps us say who is doing something. This lesson is made easy so everyone can get better at English. Let’s get started on making our English skills stronger together.

Definition of Subject Pronouns

Subject pronouns are words that replace the name of the subject in a sentence, which is the person or thing doing the action. Instead of repeating the name over and over, we use these pronouns to make our sentences sound smoother and less repetitive.

For example, instead of saying “Maria eats breakfast early,” we can say “She eats breakfast early.” The common subject pronouns in English are I, you, he, she, it, we, and they. Each one is used differently:

“I” for talking about yourself, “you” for talking to someone directly, “he” and “she” for talking about another person, “it” for things or animals, “we” for a group that includes yourself, and “they” for a group of people or things.

Examples of Subject Pronouns in Sentences

  1. I am learning to play the piano.
  2. You are invited to my birthday party.
  3. He plays soccer on weekends.
  4. She reads a new book every month.
  5. It is raining outside.
  6. We are planning a trip to the beach.
  7. They enjoy hiking in the mountains.
  8. I like chocolate ice cream the best.
  9. You can come over after school.
  10. He has a pet turtle named Leo.
  11. She could dance beautifully.
  12. It looks old but works well.
  13. We have a big test tomorrow.
  14. They speak three languages fluently.
  15. I can’t believe it’s already Friday.
  16. You should bring an umbrella.
  17. He is my best friend.
  18. She drives to work every day.
  19. It takes about an hour by train.
  20. We could see the stars clearly last night.
  21. They are coming over for dinner tonight.
  22. I found a lost kitten in the park.
  23. You need to be careful on the road.
  24. He makes excellent coffee.
  25. She could join us later.
  26. It is a very old building.
  27. We are excited about the concert.
  28. They could help with the project.
  29. I need to finish my homework.
  30. You can choose any flavor you like.

Examples of Subject Pronouns in Sentences


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