30 Example Sentences Using Reciprocal Pronouns

Welcome to this useful lesson on a special part of English grammar. Today, we are looking at a type of word that helps us talk about actions or feelings shared between people. These words are like secret codes that make our sentences clear and interesting. Imagine you are sharing a secret handshake with a friend; these words do something similar in sentences. Get ready to learn something exciting!

Definition of Reciprocal Pronouns

In English, reciprocal pronouns are used when two or more people are doing the same thing towards each other. They are like a mirror reflecting the same action between people. The two main reciprocal pronouns are “each other” and “one another.” We use them to show that every person in a group is both doing and receiving the action.

For example, if two friends are giving gifts to each other, we can say they are giving gifts to “each other.” This means friend A gives a gift to friend B, and friend B also gives a gift to friend A. The same idea applies to “one another,” which is often used for more than two people.

However, in modern English, “each other” and “one another” are used interchangeably, regardless of the number of people involved.

Examples of Reciprocal Pronouns in Sentences

  1. Sarah and Mike helped each other with homework.
  2. The twins often borrow clothes from one another.
  3. In the game, players must trust each other to win.
  4. The birds were stealing food from one another.
  5. They hugged each other goodbye.
  6. During the trip, we relied on one another for support.
  7. The cats chased each other around the house.
  8. The students shared their books with one another.
  9. In the meeting, everyone shared their ideas with each other.
  10. The dancers moved in sync with one another.
  11. They exchanged gifts with each other.
  12. The neighbors look after one another‘s houses.
  13. Friends should always listen to each other.
  14. The puppies played with one another all day.
  15. They whispered secrets to each other.
  16. At the party, guests were introducing themselves to one another.
  17. The partners in the project gave feedback to each other.
  18. The kids made up with one another after the argument.
  19. In the debate, participants responded to each other‘s points.
  20. The artists were inspired by one another‘s work.
  21. The siblings often take care of each other.
  22. In the choir, members harmonize with one another.
  23. The couple shared their dreams with each other.
  24. The competitors shook hands with one another.
  25. They shared their lunch with each other.
  26. The runners paced one another during the race.
  27. The friends promised to write to each other.
  28. The colleagues complimented one another on their work.
  29. They shared a special bond with each other.
  30. The musicians tuned their instruments to one another.

Examples of Reciprocal Pronouns in Sentences


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