Correct Use of ARE: 20 Sentences Using ARE

In today’s useful lesson, we’ll explore how to use “are” in sentences. “Are” is a very important word in English. It helps us talk about more than one thing or person. This lesson is made simple, so everyone can understand. If you’re learning English or want to get better at it, this lesson will be helpful.

Correct Use of “ARE”

The word “are” is used with plural subjects, which means when we’re talking about more than one person or thing. It’s also used with “you,” “we,” and “they.” Remember, “are” is a form of the verb “to be” and helps us describe what is happening now.

20 Sentences Using “ARE”

  1. Apples are really sweet.
  2. The books on the table are for our class.
  3. Are the keys in your bag?
  4. You are all invited to my birthday.
  5. The flowers in the garden are blooming.
  6. Are we going to the park today?
  7. The windows are open.
  8. These questions are really hard.
  9. The cats are sleeping in the sun.
  10. Are you sure about this?
  11. My friends are coming over.
  12. The stars are bright tonight.
  13. Your ideas are great.
  14. Are the cookies ready yet?
  15. The shoes are under the bed.
  16. These are my favorite songs.
  17. The lights in the hall are too bright.
  18. Are there any pencils left?
  19. The papers on your desk are due tomorrow.
  20. The birds outside are very noisy.

Sentences Using Are


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