30 Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

Adverbs of place indicate where an action is performed. They provide information about the location of an action or the direction in which the action moves. These adverbs can specify a general location or a more precise one.

Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences

Here are 30 examples of sentences using adverbs of place:

  1. We will meet here at noon.
  2. She lives nearby.
  3. They moved the furniture there.
  4. He looked everywhere for his keys.
  5. We can sit outside and enjoy the sun.
  6. She whispered something in my ear.
  7. They hung the painting over there.
  8. He searched around the room.
  9. We’ll have to find parking somewhere
  10. She placed the vase on the table.
  11. They stood beside each other.
  12. He jumped into the pool.
  13. We walked through the park.
  14. She left her phone in the car.
  15. They spent the evening at home.
  16. He hid the gift under the bed.
  17. We watched the stars from the balcony.
  18. She works downtown.
  19. They enjoyed the view from atop the hill.
  20. He placed the book on the shelf.
  21. We found a nice spot by the lake.
  22. She whispered in his ear.
  23. They parked behind the building.
  24. He waited at the door.
  25. We relaxed in the garden.
  26. She left a note on the fridge.
  27. They found a quiet spot away from the crowd.
  28. He looked under the sofa.
  29. We celebrated at the restaurant.
  30. She arranged the flowers in the vase.

Examples of Adverbs of Place in Sentences


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