30 Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

Adverbs of time provide information about when an action takes place. They can refer to specific times (e.g., “yesterday”), durations (e.g., “briefly”), or frequencies (e.g., “sometimes”). These adverbs can be placed at the beginning or end of a sentence for emphasis.

Examples of Adverbs of Time in Sentences

Here are 30 examples of sentences using adverbs of time:

  1. Tomorrow, we will discuss the project details.
  2. She visited her family last week.
  3. We need to finish this by Friday.
  4. Recently, there have been many changes at work.
  5. He called earlier to confirm the appointment.
  6. They have been living here since 2010.
  7. I will see you later at the café.
  8. We soon realized our mistake.
  9. She briefly mentioned the incident.
  10. The store will open shortly.
  11. Yesterday, I met an old friend from college.
  12. We must complete the report by tomorrow.
  13. Eventually, all the pieces fell into place.
  14. He suddenly remembered where he left his keys.
  15. They will arrive in a few hours.
  16. I have been feeling unwell since yesterday.
  17. We will begin the presentation momentarily.
  18. She finally received the recognition she deserved.
  19. The concert starts in an hour.
  20. We were stuck in traffic for hours.
  21. Last night, we saw a shooting star.
  22. The meeting was postponed until next week.
  23. He immediately regretted his decision.
  24. They have been friends for decades.
  25. I will call you back in a minute.
  26. She moved to the city two years ago.
  27. We need to act now to make a difference.
  28. He gradually improved over time.
  29. They will be on vacation next month.
  30. I previously worked in a different department.


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