40 Examples of Choice Questions in English

In this useful lesson, we’ll explore 40 simple choice questions in English. These questions are great for anyone starting to learn English or for those looking to get better at it. The questions are easy to understand and will help you practice making choices in everyday situations. By working through these examples, you’ll become more comfortable using English in no time.

Examples of Choice Questions in English

Examples of Choice Questions in English

  1. Do you prefer coffee or tea in the morning?
  2. Would you rather read a book or watch a movie?
  3. Are you going to take the bus or walk to school?
  4. Should we eat Italian or Chinese food tonight?
  5. Is it better to study late at night or early in the morning?
  6. Do you want to play soccer or basketball?
  7. Would you like to go out or stay in this weekend?
  8. Should we visit the museum or the zoo?
  9. Are you interested in learning to play the piano or the guitar?
  10. Do you feel like cooking at home or ordering takeaway?
  11. Would you prefer a beach holiday or a mountain retreat?
  12. Should we take the scenic route or the fastest way?
  13. Would you rather have ice cream or cake for dessert?
  14. Are you going to wear the red dress or the blue one?
  15. Do you want to start with the first lesson or review the last one?
  16. Should we watch a comedy or a drama series?
  17. Would you rather go jogging or attend a yoga class?
  18. Do you prefer shopping online or at the mall?
  19. Should we make a salad or soup for lunch?
  20. Would you like to learn Spanish or French?
  21. Do you enjoy winter sports or summer sports more?
  22. Should we paint the room green or blue?
  23. Would you like to adopt a cat or a dog?
  24. Are you more interested in history or science?
  25. Do you find it easier to learn through videos or books?
  26. Should the meeting be scheduled for the morning or afternoon?
  27. Would you prefer to visit a city or countryside on your next trip?
  28. Do you like listening to music or podcasts while commuting?
  29. Should we order pizza or burgers for dinner?
  30. Would you rather take photographs or make videos?
  31. Are you going to travel by plane or train?
  32. Should we watch a live sports event or a concert?
  33. Do you prefer writing with a pen or typing on a keyboard?
  34. Would you rather volunteer at an animal shelter or a community garden?
  35. Are you more comfortable wearing sneakers or sandals?
  36. Should we bake cookies or cupcakes?
  37. Would you prefer a day at the spa or a day of adventure sports?
  38. Do you find it more relaxing to take a walk or have a cup of tea?
  39. Should we learn to dance salsa or tango?
  40. Would you like your room decorated with posters or paintings?


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