30 Examples of Conjunctive Adverbs in Sentences

Conjunctive adverbs act as connectors, linking clauses together to show the relationship between them. These adverbs can indicate cause and effect, contrast, sequence, or other relationships. They are often used in complex sentences to improve flow and coherence.

Examples of Conjunctive Adverbs in Sentences

Here are 30 examples of sentences using conjunctive adverbs:

  1. She was tired; therefore, she went to bed early.
  2. The project was challenging; nevertheless, the team completed it on time.
  3. I planned to go for a walk; however, it started raining.
  4. He studied hard; as a result, he passed the exam with flying colors.
  5. The road was clear; thus, we reached our destination quickly.
  6. She didn’t like the movie; still, she watched it till the end.
  7. The museum was closed; therefore, we visited the art gallery instead.
  8. They were late; consequently, they missed the first part of the concert.
  9. He was not feeling well; however, he decided to go to work.
  10. The instructions were complex; nevertheless, she followed them perfectly.
  11. I wanted to stay; instead, I had to leave early.
  12. The cake looked good; yet, it tasted bland.
  13. She practiced daily; accordingly, her performance improved.
  14. The weather was bad; hence, the flight was delayed.
  15. He forgot his wallet; therefore, he couldn’t buy the book.
  16. The task seemed easy; however, it took hours to complete.
  17. She was qualified; nonetheless, she didn’t get the job.
  18. They arrived early; thus, they got the best seats.
  19. The evidence was clear; therefore, the verdict was not surprising.
  20. I was hungry; however, there was nothing to eat.
  21. The lecture was boring; still, it contained some important information.
  22. She wanted to go out; instead, she had to study for her exam.
  23. The team worked hard; as a result, they won the championship.
  24. It was raining; nevertheless, we went for a hike.
  25. The hotel was full; therefore, we looked for an Airbnb.
  26. The movie was supposed to be funny; yet, no one laughed.
  27. He was invited; however, he chose not to attend.
  28. The document was lengthy; thus, it took a while to review.
  29. They were warned; nonetheless, they proceeded with the plan.
  30. She felt ill; however, she had an important meeting to attend.

Examples of Conjunctive Adverbs


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