30 Examples of Plural Number in Sentences

Plural number refers to the form of a noun or pronoun that indicates more than one entity. It typically involves adding an ‘s’, ‘es’, or changing the word form for irregular nouns to denote multiplicity.

Examples of Plural Number in Sentences

Here are 30 examples of sentences with plural number:

  1. Cats roam the alleys at night.
  2. These books cover various subjects.
  3. Their joys were shared with friends.
  4. Apples are packed with nutrients.
  5. Stars fill the night sky.
  6. My brothers are coming for dinner.
  7. Breezes cool the summer air.
  8. Teachers play a crucial role in education.
  9. Their ideas changed the industry.
  10. Birds chirp at dawn.
  11. These phones feature the latest technology.
  12. Dresses at the gala were elegant.
  13. Mice invaded the pantry.
  14. Movies this year have been diverse.
  15. Their answers varied greatly.
  16. Leaves rustle in the wind.
  17. Paintings adorn the museum walls.
  18. Voices in a choir harmonize beautifully.
  19. Stars form constellations.
  20. Their jokes always amuse us.
  21. Flowers decorate the garden.
  22. Dogs play in the park.
  23. Moons of Jupiter are numerous.
  24. Their poems inspire many.
  25. Butterflies add color to the garden.
  26. Trains connect cities.
  27. Their gifts were greatly appreciated.
  28. Rivers carve landscapes.
  29. Bells ring in celebration.
  30. Their smiles light up the room.

Examples of Plural Number in Sentences


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