30 Examples of Present Perfect Progressive (Continuous)

The Present Perfect Progressive Tense expresses actions that began in the past and are still continuing or have recently stopped. It is formed using have/has been and the -ing form of the verb.

Examples of Present Perfect Progressive

Here are 30 examples of Present Perfect Progressive Tense:

  1. I have been waiting here for over an hour.
  2. She has been studying all afternoon.
  3. We have been working on this project for three months.
  4. He has been trying to reach you all day.
  5. They have been playing soccer since noon.
  6. You have been talking on the phone for a long time.
  7. The baby has been sleeping for hours.
  8. Our team has been leading the project successfully.
  9. I have been reading this book for a week now.
  10. She has been baking since early morning.
  11. We have been planning our vacation for months.
  12. He has been running every morning to prepare for the marathon.
  13. They have been arguing about the same issue for days.
  14. You have been missing out on a lot of fun lately.
  15. The garden has been growing beautifully this summer.
  16. I have been learning Spanish for two years.
  17. She has been teaching at the university since last fall.
  18. We have been looking for a new house recently.
  19. He has been fixing the car all weekend.
  20. They have been visiting different countries every year.
  21. You have been organizing your bookshelf for hours.
  22. The artist has been creating stunning pieces for the exhibition.
  23. I have been jogging every evening to stay fit.
  24. She has been listening to the new album on repeat.
  25. We have been experiencing some technical difficulties since yesterday.
  26. He has been writing a novel for the past year.
  27. They have been practicing their dance routine every day.
  28. You have been contributing a lot to the community.
  29. The scientists have been researching this subject for decades.
  30. I have been cherishing these moments with my family.

Examples of Present Perfect Progressive


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