30 Examples of Present Progressive (Continuous) Tense

The Present Progressive Tense describes actions that are currently ongoing. It is formed using is, are, or am followed by the -ing form of the main verb.

Examples of Present Progressive (Continuous) Tense

Here are 30 examples of Present Progressive Tense:

  1. She is reading a novel right now.
  2. The children are playing in the garden.
  3. I am working on a new project.
  4. We are traveling to Paris next week.
  5. He is learning Spanish this year.
  6. The birds are singing loudly today.
  7. She is baking a cake for the party.
  8. They are watching a movie tonight.
  9. The earth is revolving around the sun.
  10. He is fixing the broken window.
  11. The teacher is explaining the lesson.
  12. The baby is sleeping in his crib.
  13. I am writing an email to my boss.
  14. We are planning our vacation.
  15. The dog is barking at a stranger.
  16. She is painting her room blue.
  17. The sun is setting behind the mountains.
  18. The flowers are blooming in the garden.
  19. He is running a marathon tomorrow.
  20. The chef is preparing a special dish.
  21. The train is leaving the station now.
  22. She is practicing the piano.
  23. They are discussing the new proposal.
  24. The wind is blowing through the trees.
  25. I am trying to learn guitar.
  26. We are waiting for the bus.
  27. The stars are shining brightly tonight.
  28. He is swimming in the lake.
  29. The phone is ringing.
  30. She is studying for her exams.

Examples of Present Continuous Tense


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