Correct Use of BEEN: 20 Sentences Using BEEN

Welcome to this useful lesson! Today, we’ll talk about a very important word in English: “BEEN.” Many people learning English find this word tricky. But don’t worry! We’ll make it easy to understand. You’ll see how “BEEN” is used in different sentences. Let’s make learning English fun and simple.

Correct Use of “BEEN”

“BEEN” is a past participle of the verb “to be.” It’s often used in perfect tenses. This means it usually comes after forms of “have” (like “has” or “had”) to talk about things that happened in the past but are important now or to describe experiences.

20 Sentences Using “BEEN”

  1. She has been to Paris three times.
  2. They have been waiting for an hour.
  3. I had been reading before you called.
  4. The cat has been sleeping all day.
  5. Has your brother been to the new cafe?
  6. We have been thinking about moving.
  7. Had they been told about the meeting?
  8. My phone has been acting strange lately.
  9. Have you been feeling better?
  10. The project had been completed before the deadline.
  11. Have the packages been delivered yet?
  12. She had been working there for a year.
  13. The garden has been looking beautiful.
  14. Had you ever been to that restaurant before it closed?
  15. My friends have been very supportive.
  16. The book had been lying on the table for weeks.
  17. Have the documents been signed?
  18. He had been considering a new job offer.
  19. Has the movie been released yet?
  20. They had been planning the trip for months.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Try making your own sentences with “BEEN” to get even better at using it!

Sentences Using BEEN


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