50 Example Sentences Using Demonstrative Pronouns

Welcome to this useful lesson! Today, we’re looking at some special words in English that can help you talk about things around you. These words are really helpful when you want to point out which book, cat, or ice cream you’re talking about. Imagine you’re in a room full of toys, and you want to play with a specific one. The words we’ll learn today will help you say exactly which toy you want. Let’s get started!

Definition of Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns are words that we use to point to specific things or people. They help us show which things or people we are talking about without naming them.

There are four main demonstrative pronouns in English: “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those.

“This” and “these” refer to things that are close to the speaker. We use “this” for one thing and “these” for more than one.

For example, if you’re holding a book, you can say, “This is my book.” If you have two books, you say, “These are my books.” “That” and “those” point to things farther away. “That” is for a single thing, and “those” is for many. If you see a dog across the street, you might say, “That dog is big.” If there are many dogs, you’d say, “Those dogs are big.”

Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns

  1. These are my best friends.
  2. That is exactly what I needed.
  3. The cookie I want is this one.
  4. A fun game seems to be that one over there.
  5. These shoes are too tight.
  6. That smells wonderful.
  7. Could you hand me those pencils, please?
  8. Very sweet are these apples.
  9. My favorite song is that one.
  10. Happening, I can’t believe this is!
  11. Those were the days, indeed.
  12. Too tight are these shoes.
  13. Those were his exact words.
  14. That is a beautiful garden.
  15. These are the choices we have.
  16. This feels like a dream.
  17. Amazing is how this tastes!
  18. So cute are those cats.
  19. The best day ever is this.
  20. This tastes amazing!
  21. Those cats are so cute.
  22. This is the best day ever.
  23. Wonderful is how that smells.
  24. Can you believe this weather we’re having?
  25. My best friends are these people right here.
  26. Exactly what I needed was that.
  27. My life was changed by this book.
  28. So bright tonight are those stars.
  29. Such a cozy blanket is this.
  30. This is the cookie I want.
  31. That looks like a fun game.
  32. Can you pass me those pencils?
  33. These apples are very sweet.
  34. That is my favorite song.
  35. I can’t believe this is happening!
  36. Those were the days.
  37. Look at this picture I drew.
  38. That was a great movie.
  39. Can you believe this weather?
  40. Take a look at this picture I drew.
  41. A great movie was that.
  42. This book changed my life.
  43. Those stars are so bright tonight.
  44. This is such a cozy blanket.
  45. That is a really old tree.
  46. These cookies are for the guests.
  47. This is the last piece of pizza.
  48. That is a very tall building.
  49. These are the instructions.
  50. This is my spot.

Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns in Sentences


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