Correct Use of FOR: 20 Sentences Using FOR

Today, we have a useful lesson that’s all about a small word with big importance in English: “for.” This word helps us connect our thoughts and explain why we do things. It’s like a tiny bridge in our sentences, linking ideas together. Whether you’re just starting to learn English or looking to polish your skills, understanding how to use “for” will make your conversations and writing clearer. So, let’s explore how “for” fits into our sentences, making our communication smoother.

Correct Use of ‘FOR’

The word “for” is used in many ways, but here are a few common rules to remember:

  1. To indicate the purpose of an action: “I went to the store for milk.”
  2. To show duration of time: “I’ve lived here for five years.”
  3. To express a benefit or advantage: “This is good for your health.”
  4. To specify who or what is intended to receive something: “This gift is for you.”

20 Sentences Using ‘FOR’

  1. She baked a cake for her friend’s birthday.
  2. I’ve been waiting for an hour.
  3. This song is for anyone feeling sad.
  4. He runs every day for better health.
  5. We saved a seat for you.
  6. A reward is offered for any information about the lost cat.
  7. They were praised for their hard work.
  8. Can you pick up some eggs for me?
  9. For many people, English is a second language.
  10. He held the door open for her.
  11. The teacher gave stickers to the kids for good behavior.
  12. We need to leave early for the airport.
  13. Flowers for making the room brighter.
  14. She studied for weeks for the exam.
  15. This guide is for those new to the city.
  16. I’ll exchange this one for a larger size.
  17. They’re famous for their hospitality.
  18. Looking for my keys, I checked under the couch.
  19. This area is known for its beautiful parks.
  20. A special diet is required for her health condition.

Sentences Using FOR


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