20 Sentences Using Three Form Of Verbs

In today’s useful lesson, we’re going to look at verbs and their different forms. Verbs are action words, like ‘run’, ‘jump’, and ‘eat’. But did you know that these verbs can change their shape depending on when the action happens? We will explore 20 sentences that show verbs in three different forms. This will help everyone who wants to get better at English, especially if you’re just starting. So, let’s get started and learn together!

Sentences Using Three Form Of Verbs


  • V1: Eat – Birds eat early worms.
  • V2: Ate – She ate her lunch quickly.
  • V3: Eaten – The cake was eaten yesterday.


  • V1: Go – We go to school daily.
  • V2: Went – They went home early.
  • V3: Gone – He has gone to France.


  • V1: Write – They write their essays.
  • V2: Wrote – He wrote a letter.
  • V3: Written – The book was written last year.


  • V1: Read – She reads a book.
  • V2: Read – I read the news today.
  • V3: Read – The message was read aloud.


  • V1: Speak – We speak English.
  • V2: Spoke – You spoke too soon.
  • V3: Spoken – Words were spoken in haste.


  • V1: Learn – Kids learn quickly.
  • V2: Learned/Learnt – She learned the truth.
  • V3: Learned/Learnt – The lesson was learnt.


  • V1: Buy – They buy new books.
  • V2: Bought – He bought a car.
  • V3: Bought – The house was bought.


  • V1: Choose – You choose your path.
  • V2: Chose – She chose the red dress.
  • V3: Chosen – He was chosen last night.


  • V1: Drink – Cats drink milk.
  • V2: Drank – We drank iced tea.
  • V3: Drunk – The water was drunk quickly.


  • V1: Sing – Birds sing beautifully.
  • V2: Sang – You sang at the party.
  • V3: Sung – The anthem was sung loudly.


  • V1: Run – Dogs run fast.
  • V2: Ran – She ran a mile.
  • V3: Run – The marathon was run yesterday.


  • V1: Sit – Cats sit on mats.
  • V2: Sat – He sat by the window.
  • V3: Sat – The audience had sat quietly.


  • V1: Stand – They stand together.
  • V2: Stood – I stood in line.
  • V3: Stood – The statue has stood for centuries.


  • V1: Sleep – Babies sleep soundly.
  • V2: Slept – We slept late.
  • V3: Slept – The city slept peacefully.


  • V1: Begin – Classes begin at nine.
  • V2: Began – The show began on time.
  • V3: Begun – The project has begun well.


  • V1: Bring – You bring joy.
  • V2: Brought – She brought her friend.
  • V3: Brought – The news was brought early.


  • V1: Build – Beavers build dams.
  • V2: Built – They built a fort.
  • V3: Built – A bridge was built here.


  • V1: Catch – Cats catch mice.
  • V2: Caught – He caught the ball.
  • V3: Caught – The thief was caught yesterday.


  • V1: Cut – Chefs cut vegetables.
  • V2: Cut – She cut the paper.
  • V3: Cut – The ribbon was cut at the opening.


  • V1: Drive – We drive to work.
  • V2: Drove – They drove all night.
  • V3: Driven – The car was driven carefully.

Sentences Using Three Form Of Verbs


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