30 Example Sentences Using Transitive Verbs

Welcome to this useful lesson! Today, we’re going to explore a special part of English that helps make our sentences clear and full of action. Imagine you’re playing with a ball. You don’t just say, “I play,” right? You say, “I play with the ball.” This lesson will help you understand how to make your sentences just like that – full of life and action. It’s perfect for anyone starting their English journey or looking to get even better.

Definition of Transitive Verbs

Transitive verbs are action words that need a direct object to complete their meaning. Think of them like keys that need a lock to open a door. The verb is the action, or the key, and the direct object is the lock. Without the direct object, the action feels incomplete.

For example, in the sentence “She reads a book,” “reads” is the transitive verb, and “a book” is the direct object. The action (reads) wouldn’t make sense without knowing what is being read (a book). These verbs are important because they tell us who or what receives the action.

Examples of Transitive Verbs in Sentences

  1. He kicks the ball.
  2. She bakes cookies every Sunday.
  3. The teacher explains the lesson clearly.
  4. They climbed the mountain before sunrise.
  5. I lost my keys yesterday.
  6. Sara writes an email to her friend.
  7. The cat chased the mouse.
  8. We painted the wall green.
  9. The baby spilled the milk.
  10. He fixed the broken toy.
  11. She plays the piano beautifully.
  12. He drinks water after his run.
  13. The chef tastes the sauce before serving.
  14. They watched a movie last night.
  15. I found a coin on the street.
  16. The bird ate the seeds.
  17. She sent a letter to her aunt.
  18. We planted a tree in the garden.
  19. The dog caught the ball.
  20. He drove his car to work.
  21. She washed the dishes after dinner.
  22. The children built a sandcastle.
  23. He borrowed a book from the library.
  24. She sold her old bicycle.
  25. The artist drew a beautiful portrait.
  26. They lifted the heavy box together.
  27. I changed my shoes before entering.
  28. She hugged her friend goodbye.
  29. The photographer took stunning pictures.
  30. They invited all their friends to the party.

Sentences Using Transitive Verbs


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