30 Example Sentences Using WHAT

In this useful lesson, you’ll find 30 example sentences with the word “what.” It’s made for anyone looking to get better at English, whether you’re just starting or aiming to polish your skills. The sentences are simple, making it easy for everyone to follow along.

This lesson is like a friendly chat about English, where you’ll pick up new ways to use “what” in everyday talking and writing. So, let’s start exploring these examples together and make learning English a bit more fun and a lot easier.

How to Use What?

Using “what” effectively in English involves understanding its various roles in sentences. “What” can function as a pronoun, a determiner, an adjective, or even as part of a compound interrogative. Here are some key ways to use “what”:

1. Asking Questions

  • What is one of the most common ways to start a question when you’re asking about something specific. For example:
    • What is your name?
    • What time is it?

2. Part of a Question Within a Statement

  • You can use “what” to embed a question within a statement. This is often seen in indirect questions or reported speech. For example:
    • She wondered what she should do next.
    • Can you tell me what you’re looking for?

3. Expressing Surprise or Asking for Repetition

  • “What” can be used to express surprise or disbelief, or to ask someone to repeat what they said. For example:
    • What! That can’t be true!
    • What? I didn’t catch that.

4. Specifying Something in a Statement

  • In statements, “what” can introduce a clause that provides more information or specifics. For example:
    • I know what you mean.
    • What I need now is a good night’s sleep.

5. Used in Exclamatory Sentences

  • “What” can start exclamatory sentences to express strong feelings or emotions about something. For example:
    • What a beautiful day!
    • What an incredible performance!

Tips for Usage:

  • Question Form: Ensure the sentence is structured correctly when “what” is used to ask a question. The verb often follows “what” or the subject, depending on the question.
  • Context Matters: The meaning and use of “what” can change depending on the context of the conversation or text.
  • Clarity: When using “what” to introduce more information or specifics, make sure the subsequent clause clearly relates to the subject being discussed.
  • Intonation: When speaking, the intonation can change the meaning of “what.” Rising intonation typically indicates a question, while a flat or falling intonation might indicate surprise or a request for repetition.

By keeping these uses and tips in mind, you can effectively incorporate “what” into your English communication, making your questions, statements, and expressions clearer and more varied.

Example Sentences Using WHAT

  1. I wonder what we’re having for dinner tonight.
  2. Can you tell me what time the movie starts?
  3. She asked me what my favorite book was.
  4. What kind of music do you like?
  5. I couldn’t understand what he said in the noisy room.
  6. What were you thinking when you decided to paint the room red?
  7. You won’t believe what happened at school today.
  8. What is the capital of France?
  9. No matter what happens, I’ll always be there for you.
  10. Can you explain what this paragraph means?
  11. She couldn’t decide what dress to wear to the party.
  12. What makes you so sure of your decision?
  13. Do you have any idea what caused the delay?
  14. What kind of toppings do you want on your pizza?
  15. I’m curious about what they’ll say at the meeting.
  16. He didn’t know what to do when the alarm went off.
  17. What were the main points of the presentation?
  18. Tell me what you think about this idea.
  19. I wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow.
  20. What are your plans for the weekend?
  21. She asked what time we would arrive.
  22. Can you believe what just happened?
  23. I need to find out what ingredients are in this recipe.
  24. What did you do for your last birthday?
  25. He asked her what her favorite color was.
  26. What were they thinking when they designed this building?
  27. I’m not sure what to expect from this new teacher.
  28. What is the main theme of the story?
  29. She was surprised by what she found in the old box.
  30. What could be better than spending the day at the beach?

Example Sentences Using WHAT


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