Correct Use of ALTHOUGH: Sentences Using ALTHOUGH

Welcome to our useful lesson today! We are going to explore a simple but important word in English – “although.” This word helps us show contrast between ideas in a clear way. Understanding how to use it will make your English better and your sentences more interesting. Let’s learn together how to master this word in our sentences!

Correct Use of ‘ALTHOUGH’

The word “although” is used to introduce a clause that contrasts with the clause that comes before or after it. It shows that despite something, the main point is still valid. Here’s what to keep in mind when using “although”:

  1. “Although” can start a sentence or come in the middle, but it always begins the contrasting clause.
  2. After “although,” we use a subject and a verb.
  3. You can often use “though” or “even though” as a substitute for “although,” but “although” is more formal.
  4. “Although” does not end with a comma when it’s in the middle of a sentence.
  5. When “although” starts a sentence, the clause it introduces is usually followed by a comma.

Now, let’s practice with 20 sentences where ALTHOUGH is used in different positions:

  1. Although it was raining, we went for a walk.
  2. We went for a walk, although it was raining.
  3. Although she was tired, she finished her homework.
  4. She finished her homework, although she was tired.
  5. Although the task was hard, he completed it on time.
  6. He completed the task on time, although it was hard.
  7. Although the cat was old, it was very energetic.
  8. The cat was very energetic, although it was old.
  9. Although they arrived late, they didn’t miss the start of the movie.
  10. They didn’t miss the start of the movie, although they arrived late.
  11. Although the weather was cold, the sun was shining.
  12. The sun was shining, although the weather was cold.
  13. Although he didn’t speak much English, he communicated well.
  14. He communicated well, although he didn’t speak much English.
  15. Although the phone was old, it worked perfectly.
  16. The phone worked perfectly, although it was old.
  17. Although she had little experience, she got the job.
  18. She got the job, although she had little experience.
  19. Although the book was long, it was very interesting.
  20. The book was very interesting, although it was long.

Sentences Using ALTHOUGH


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