30 Examples of Adjective Phrase

An adjective phrase is a group of words that describes a noun or pronoun in a sentence, providing more information about it. This phrase typically includes an adjective as its headword, along with any modifiers or complements.

Examples of Adjective Phrase

Here are 30 examples of adjective phrases:

  1. The cat, furry and warm, curled up on my lap.
  2. He was tired from the long journey.
  3. The cake, delicious and moist, was quickly eaten.
  4. She looked unhappy with the decision.
  5. The instructions were easy to follow.
  6. The movie was incredibly boring.
  7. His response was quick and sharp.
  8. The room was filled with bright sunlight.
  9. Her dress, elegant and simple, caught everyone’s eye.
  10. The task seemed impossible to complete.
  11. The story was too good to be true.
  12. His joke was funny but inappropriate.
  13. The weather is expected to be sunny and warm tomorrow.
  14. The solution was right in front of us.
  15. The painting, rich in color and detail, was stunning.
  16. The road was dangerously slippery.
  17. The answer was surprisingly easy.
  18. Her performance was truly magnificent.
  19. The room, spacious and well-lit, was perfect for the meeting.
  20. His explanation was clear and concise.
  21. The path was covered with fallen leaves.
  22. The book was interesting but lengthy.
  23. The music was loud and energetic.
  24. The garden was beautifully maintained.
  25. The speech was inspiring and motivational.
  26. The meal was delicious and satisfying.
  27. The question was difficult to answer.
  28. The night was cold and windy.
  29. The decision was hard to make.
  30. The view was breathtakingly beautiful.

Examples of Adjective Phrase


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