30 Examples of Noun Phrase

A noun phrase consists of a noun and all its modifiers. It can function as a subject, object, or complement in a sentence. This group of words may include adjectives, determiners, and more, all serving to provide detailed information about the noun.

Examples of Noun Phrase

Here are 30 examples of noun phrases:

  1. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
  2. A glass of water is all he asked for.
  3. The books on the shelf are covered in dust.
  4. She found a lost cat in the alley.
  5. The man with the blue hat is my uncle.
  6. Children playing in the park should be supervised.
  7. The scent of fresh flowers filled the room.
  8. A slice of chocolate cake would be great now.
  9. The sound of rain against the window is soothing.
  10. People waiting for the bus were getting impatient.
  11. The tallest building in the city can be seen from miles away.
  12. The painting hanging above the fireplace is a family heirloom.
  13. A bowl of warm soup was comforting on a cold day.
  14. The keys on the table belong to her.
  15. Birds chirping at dawn are a natural alarm.
  16. The last piece of pie disappeared quickly.
  17. The stars in the night sky looked particularly bright.
  18. A group of friends gathered around the campfire.
  19. The lady with the red umbrella caught everyone’s attention.
  20. The old tree by the river has witnessed centuries.
  21. Fresh snow on the ground made the world seem quiet.
  22. A book of ancient myths was his favorite read.
  23. The light of the full moon guided their path.
  24. The ring of the telephone broke the silence.
  25. A cup of hot tea is perfect on a rainy day.
  26. The voice of the opera singer filled the hall.
  27. Children’s laughter in the distance was heartwarming.
  28. The color of her eyes is hard to describe.
  29. A bunch of wildflowers brightened up the room.
  30. The roar of the waterfall was deafening.

Examples of Noun Phrase


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