40 Examples of Closed-Ended Questions in English

In today’s useful lesson, we’ll explore 40 examples of closed-ended questions. These are the kinds of questions that usually have short, direct answers, like “yes” or “no.” Understanding them can really help people learning English or trying to get better at it. It’s important because asking and answering questions is a big part of everyday conversations. So, let’s get started and learn how these simple questions can make a big difference in speaking and understanding English better.

Examples of Closed-Ended Questions

  1. Are you feeling well today?
  2. Have you finished your homework?
  3. Is it raining outside?
  4. Do you like chocolate?
  5. Can you speak Spanish?
  6. Is this your book?
  7. Have you ever been to Paris?
  8. Are they coming to the party?
  9. Was the movie interesting?
  10. Do you own a pet?
  11. Can you drive a car?
  12. Is the store open now?
  13. Have you called your mom?
  14. Are you wearing a watch?
  15. Did you enjoy the meal?
  16. Will you attend the meeting?
  17. Is your phone charged?
  18. Have you seen this show before?
  19. Can we go now?
  20. Are you ready for the test?
  21. Did you turn off the lights?
  22. Are you allergic to peanuts?
  23. Is it your birthday today?
  24. Can you swim?
  25. Have you eaten breakfast?
  26. Will it snow tomorrow?
  27. Do you play the piano?
  28. Is this seat taken?
  29. Have you met her before?
  30. Are you studying tonight?
  31. Can this wait until tomorrow?
  32. Do you need help with that?
  33. Is the computer working?
  34. Have you been to the new café?
  35. Are you taking the bus home?
  36. Did you lock the door?
  37. Will you be home for dinner?
  38. Is the water warm enough?
  39. Have you finished reading that book?
  40. Are you going to the game on Saturday?

Examples of Closed Ended Questions in English


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