30 Examples of Compound Sentence

A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses joined by a conjunction or a semicolon. These sentences allow for the expression of multiple ideas or actions within the same sentence, providing a way to connect related thoughts cohesively.

Examples of Compound Sentence

Here are 30 examples of compound sentences:

  1. I wanted to go for a walk, but it started raining.
  2. She loves to read, so she visited the library.
  3. The cat slept through the afternoon, and the dog lay beside it.
  4. He could join the debate club, or he could sign up for soccer.
  5. You can have ice cream, or you can have cake.
  6. She finished her assignment, yet she decided to review it once more.
  7. The sun set, and the stars began to twinkle.
  8. I’ll either go to the movies, or I’ll visit a friend.
  9. He missed the bus, so he had to walk to school.
  10. The concert was canceled, but they went out for dinner instead.
  11. She wanted to stay home, yet her friends persuaded her to go out.
  12. The lecture was boring, but it was necessary for the exam.
  13. He forgot his wallet, so he couldn’t buy lunch.
  14. The phone rang, and she answered it immediately.
  15. They planned to travel to Spain, or they might go to France instead.
  16. The team played well, but they still lost the match.
  17. You can either save your money, or you can spend it on a vacation.
  18. She studied hard for her exams, and she passed with flying colors.
  19. The traffic was heavy, so they arrived late.
  20. He wanted to watch a movie, but he had to finish his chores first.
  21. You can stay here, or you can come with us.
  22. She tried to call him, but there was no answer.
  23. They wanted to go hiking, but the weather was too unpredictable.
  24. I could go to the gym, or I could go for a run outside.
  25. The players were exhausted, yet they continued to play.
  26. You should study for the test, or you risk failing it.
  27. He thought about buying a new car, but decided to save the money instead.
  28. The cake looked delicious, and it tasted even better.
  29. They could travel by train, or they could drive themselves.
  30. She was offered a job in New York, but she chose to stay in her hometown.
Examples of Compound Sentence
Examples of Compound Sentence


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