30 Examples of Correlative Conjunctions in Sentences

Correlative conjunctions work in pairs to connect elements in a sentence. They include pairs like both/and, either/or, neither/nor, not only/but also, and whether/or.

Examples of Correlative Conjunctions in Sentences

Here are 30 examples of sentences using correlative conjunctions:

  1. Both the movie and the book were excellent.
  2. You can choose either the red one or the blue one.
  3. Neither the email nor the letter was received.
  4. She is not only intelligent but also very kind.
  5. Whether you like it or not, you have to go to bed now.
  6. Both the players and the coaches were disappointed.
  7. You can have either pasta or pizza for dinner.
  8. Neither the teacher nor the students knew the answer.
  9. He is not only a good teacher but also a great mentor.
  10. Whether you agree or not, we’re leaving at 8.
  11. Both the concert and the dinner were canceled.
  12. Either you apologize or leave the room.
  13. Neither the rain nor the cold could stop them.
  14. She’s not only a talented artist but also an excellent teacher.
  15. Whether it rains or shines, the event will go on.
  16. Both his skill and his dedication are admirable.
  17. You must decide either to stay or to go.
  18. Neither the offer nor the conditions were acceptable.
  19. He’s not only a skilled musician but also a composer.
  20. Whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game that matters.
  21. Both the design and the functionality are impressive.
  22. Either you fix it or I will.
  23. Neither the critics nor the audience was impressed.
  24. She is not only proficient in English but also fluent in Spanish.
  25. Whether you’re with us or against us, make your decision clear.
  26. Both the quality and the price are important.
  27. Either accept the terms or negotiate new ones.
  28. Neither his words nor his actions showed remorse.
  29. She not only passed the test but also scored the highest.
  30. Whether by train or by plane, we’ll get there on time.

Examples of Correlative Conjunctions in Sentences


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