30 Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions in Sentences

Subordinating conjunctions connect an independent clause with a dependent clause, showing the relationship between the two. Common subordinating conjunctions include because, although, since, unless, while, and whereas.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions in Sentences

Here are 30 examples of sentences using subordinating conjunctions:

  1. I will go out unless it rains.
  2. Although he tried hard, he did not pass the exam.
  3. She was happy because she received good news.
  4. Since we arrived early, we had time to relax.
  5. He can’t come with us unless he finishes his work.
  6. While I was walking, I saw a beautiful bird.
  7. She didn’t call, although she promised she would.
  8. Because it was raining, the picnic was canceled.
  9. Since you asked, I’ll tell you the truth.
  10. We must leave now unless we want to be late.
  11. Although it was cold, they decided to swim.
  12. He stayed indoors because it was too hot outside.
  13. While he was cooking, the phone rang.
  14. She went to bed early since she had a meeting in the morning.
  15. You won’t succeed unless you try harder.
  16. Although she was nervous, she gave a great presentation.
  17. Because the train was late, I missed my appointment.
  18. He’s very fit since he exercises daily.
  19. We can’t start the game unless everyone is here.
  20. While I appreciate your help, I need to do this alone.
  21. Although the task was difficult, they completed it on time.
  22. She felt better because she took the medicine.
  23. Since he lost his job, things have been tough.
  24. You can’t enter unless you have a ticket.
  25. Although it’s expensive, it’s worth it.
  26. He walked home because there were no taxis.
  27. While many prefer coffee, she likes tea.
  28. She’ll join us for dinner unless she has to work late.
  29. Although the weather was bad, the event went on.
  30. Because you helped me, I finished on time.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions in Sentences


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