30 Examples of Dependent Clause

A dependent clause is a group of words that also contains a subject and verb but cannot stand alone as a complete thought. It depends on an independent clause to give it meaning. Dependent clauses are often introduced by subordinating conjunctions like because, although, if, when, etc.

Examples of Dependent Clause

Here are the 30 example sentences demonstrating a dependent clause:

  1. Although it was raining, we went for a walk.
  2. If you come early, we can leave together.
  3. Because she was tired, she went to bed early.
  4. When he arrives, we will start the meeting.
  5. If it rains, the picnic will be canceled.
  6. Although he tried hard, he did not succeed.
  7. Because the cake was not ready, we bought one.
  8. When you see him, tell him I called.
  9. If she does not hurry, she will be late.
  10. Because they were lost, they asked for directions.
  11. When the movie ends, we will go for dinner.
  12. If you study hard, you will pass the exam.
  13. Although the task was difficult, they completed it on time.
  14. Because the weather was nice, we went for a hike.
  15. When I heard the news, I was shocked.
  16. If he does not understand, explain it again.
  17. Although she was sick, she went to work.
  18. Because he loves her, he does anything for her.
  19. When the bell rings, the students go to class.
  20. If you save money, you can buy a new car.
  21. Although it is late, they are still working.
  22. Because she practices every day, she is a great pianist.
  23. When you arrive at the station, call me.
  24. If we do not leave now, we will miss our flight.
  25. Although the book is long, it is very interesting.
  26. Because he did not study, he failed the test.
  27. When she sings, everyone listens.
  28. If it gets cold, I will light the fire.
  29. Although the road was busy, we made good time.
  30. Because you helped me, I finished on time.

Examples of Dependent Clause


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