30 Examples of The Real Conditionals

Real conditionals describe situations that are true or possible. These often involve scenarios that are likely to happen in the present or future.

Examples of The Real Conditionals

Here are the 30 example sentences for real conditionals:

  1. If it rains, we will cancel the picnic.
  2. She goes for a jog if the weather is nice.
  3. If you heat ice, it melts.
  4. He gets up early if he has an appointment.
  5. If they don’t hurry, they will be late.
  6. You feel better if you drink water regularly.
  7. If I have time, I read a book.
  8. She calls me if there’s any problem.
  9. If it’s sunny, they play tennis.
  10. He watches TV if he finishes his homework.
  11. If you press the button, the door opens.
  12. They visit us if they come to town.
  13. If you mix blue and yellow, you get green.
  14. She buys a new dress if there’s a sale.
  15. If we leave now, we can catch the train.
  16. You see the stars if the sky is clear.
  17. If I save enough money, I buy a new phone.
  18. They go for a walk if it’s not too cold.
  19. If you ask politely, people usually help.
  20. She feels happy if she gets enough sleep.
  21. If we plant trees, we help the environment.
  22. You find good deals if you shop online.
  23. If he studies hard, he passes his exams.
  24. She travels if she gets a long weekend.
  25. If it snows, the children make a snowman.
  26. You hear the birds if you wake up early.
  27. If I cook dinner, we eat at home.
  28. They win the game if they practice well.
  29. If you take care of your health, you live longer.
  30. She meets her friends if she has free time.

Examples of The Real Conditionals


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