30 Examples of Future Continuous Tense

The Future Continuous Tense is used to describe actions that will be ongoing at a specified time in the future. It is formed with the auxiliary verb will be or shall be followed by the -ing form of the main verb.

Examples of Future Continuous Tense

Here are 30 examples of Future Continuous Tense:

  1. I will be studying at this time tomorrow.
  2. She will be working on her project when you call.
  3. We will be traveling to Paris next month.
  4. He will be cooking dinner when you arrive.
  5. They will be playing soccer at 4 PM.
  6. You will be sleeping when I return.
  7. The students will be taking the exam at 10 AM.
  8. Our team will be competing in the tournament next weekend.
  9. I will be attending a conference all day tomorrow.
  10. She will be practicing the piano during your visit.
  11. We will be watching the sunset at the beach.
  12. He will be driving to the airport at noon.
  13. They will be discussing the proposal at the meeting.
  14. You will be waiting for the bus at that time.
  15. The doctor will be performing surgery in the morning.
  16. I will be exercising at the gym at 6 PM.
  17. She will be rehearsing for the play in the evening.
  18. We will be celebrating his birthday at the restaurant.
  19. He will be delivering a presentation during the conference.
  20. They will be hiking in the mountains next weekend.
  21. You will be working on your project all day.
  22. The workers will be renovating the house next month.
  23. I will be volunteering at the shelter on Saturday.
  24. She will be teaching a yoga class in the afternoon.
  25. We will be attending the concert on Friday night.
  26. He will be interviewing candidates for the job.
  27. They will be cleaning the house before the guests arrive.
  28. You will be preparing dinner when I get home.
  29. The chef will be cooking in the kitchen during the event.
  30. I will be reading a book in the park at that time.

Examples of Future Continuous Tense


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