30 Examples of Simple Future (Future Indefinite) Tense

The Simple Future Tense, also known as Future Indefinite Tense, is used to describe actions that will happen in the future. It is formed with the auxiliary verb will or shall followed by the base form of the main verb.

Examples of Simple Future Tense

Here are 30 examples of Simple Future Tense:

  1. I will visit my parents next weekend.
  2. She shall complete her assignment by tomorrow.
  3. We will go to the beach this summer.
  4. He will call you as soon as he arrives.
  5. They shall arrive at the airport at 5 PM.
  6. You will finish your project before the deadline.
  7. The sun will rise in the east tomorrow.
  8. Our team will win the championship this year.
  9. I will buy a new car next month.
  10. She will start her new job next Monday.
  11. We shall see each other again soon.
  12. He will cook dinner tonight.
  13. They will attend the conference next week.
  14. You will succeed if you work hard.
  15. The train will depart at 9 AM sharp.
  16. I will learn how to play the guitar.
  17. She will visit her grandparents next month.
  18. We will finish the project on time.
  19. He will graduate from college next year.
  20. They will celebrate their anniversary next weekend.
  21. You will pass the exam if you study.
  22. The company will launch a new product next quarter.
  23. I will travel to Europe next summer.
  24. She will join the gym next week.
  25. We will watch the new movie on Friday.
  26. He will start his own business someday.
  27. They will move to a new city next month.
  28. You will achieve your goals with perseverance.
  29. The concert will take place at the stadium next Saturday.
  30. I will take a vacation next month.

Examples of Simple Future Tense


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