50 Examples of Negative Sentences in English

In this useful lesson, we’re going to look at 50 examples of negative sentences in English. It’s made for people who are learning English or want to get better at it. The sentences are easy to understand, so everyone can follow along. You’ll see how to say things in English when you want to talk about what is not happening or what someone does not like or do. This will help you in everyday conversations and make your English more clear.

Examples of Negative Sentences

  1. I will not attend the meeting tomorrow.
  2. She had not visited the new museum before.
  3. We were not aware of the changes.
  4. They have not completed their homework yet.
  5. You should not worry about this issue.
  6. He cannot swim in the deep pool.
  7. The train had not arrived on time yesterday.
  8. She will not be going to the concert next week.
  9. They were not playing outside because of the rain.
  10. I have not seen that movie.
  11. You must not forget your passport.
  12. He was not interested in the offer.
  13. The cat had not caught any mice by the end of the day.
  14. We will not be needing extra help.
  15. They should not be late to the airport.
  16. I had not realized the time.
  17. She has not tried sushi before.
  18. The birds were not singing this morning.
  19. We had not planned to stay so long.
  20. He will not accept the job offer.
  21. You would not believe what happened yesterday.
  22. They had not thought about the consequences.
  23. The flowers have not bloomed this spring.
  24. She will not be joining us for dinner.
  25. The students had not prepared for the quiz.
  26. I have not found my keys yet.
  27. He would not take the risk without more information.
  28. The movie had not started when we arrived.
  29. They will not have finished the project by tomorrow.
  30. She has not visited her hometown in years.
  31. The sun was not shining this morning.
  32. We had not expected such a cold winter.
  33. You would not understand the complexity of the problem.
  34. He has not made a decision yet.
  35. The team had not won a single game last season.
  36. I will not be able to solve this puzzle.
  37. She had not heard the news until now.
  38. The store will not be open on the holiday.
  39. They have not seen each other since college.
  40. The letter had not arrived by Monday.
  41. You will not regret trying something new.
  42. She has not changed much over the years.
  43. The guests had not left when we got home.
  44. I will not forget this kindness.
  45. They had not realized the importance of the meeting.
  46. The river has not frozen over this winter.
  47. She will not need any help with her luggage.
  48. We had not met before the conference.
  49. You have not tasted anything like this before.
  50. The teacher had not given any homework over the weekend.

Examples of Negative Sentences


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