30 Examples of Past Perfect Tense

The Past Perfect Tense is used to indicate an action that was completed before another past action. It is formed with the auxiliary verb had and the past participle of the main verb.

Examples of Past Perfect Tense

Here are 30 examples of Past Perfect Tense:

  1. She had finished her work before the meeting started.
  2. They had already eaten dinner when we arrived.
  3. He had studied French for three years before moving to Paris.
  4. By the time I woke up, he had already left.
  5. We had traveled to Italy twice before visiting Spain.
  6. The movie had begun by the time we got to the theater.
  7. She had written the report before the deadline.
  8. They had cleaned the house before the guests arrived.
  9. He had never seen such a beautiful sunset before.
  10. By the time she arrived, I had already finished cooking.
  11. We had visited all the famous landmarks before leaving the city.
  12. The team had scored three goals before halftime.
  13. She had lived in London for five years before moving to New York.
  14. They had prepared for the exam extensively.
  15. He had bought a new car before his old one broke down.
  16. By the time they arrived, the party had ended.
  17. We had booked our flights well in advance.
  18. She had spoken to the manager before making her decision.
  19. They had known each other since childhood.
  20. The company had achieved its sales targets for the quarter.
  21. He had never tasted sushi before trying it last night.
  22. She had saved enough money to buy her dream house.
  23. They had completed the project before the deadline.
  24. We had discussed the issue thoroughly before reaching a decision.
  25. By the time the ambulance arrived, the injured person had already been taken to the hospital.
  26. She had heard great reviews about the restaurant before dining there.
  27. They had finished all the snacks before the movie started.
  28. He had run five miles before breakfast.
  29. We had known about the party but decided not to go.
  30. By the time he realized his mistake, it had already caused significant damage.

Examples of Past Perfect Tense


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