30 Examples of Past Perfect Progressive Tense

The Past Perfect Progressive Tense expresses an action that was ongoing and had been continuing up to a certain point in the past. It is formed with had been and the -ing form of the verb.

Examples of Past Perfect Progressive Tense

Here are 30 examples of Past Perfect Progressive Tense:

  1. She had been studying for hours before she finally understood the concept.
  2. They had been waiting at the bus stop for over an hour when the bus finally arrived.
  3. He had been working at the company for five years before he decided to resign.
  4. By the time I arrived, they had been playing tennis for two hours.
  5. We had been living in the neighborhood for ten years before we decided to move.
  6. The flowers had been blooming beautifully before the frost killed them.
  7. She had been practicing the piano for months before her recital.
  8. They had been discussing the project for weeks before they reached a decision.
  9. He had been searching for his lost keys all morning before he found them in the garden.
  10. By the time they left, the storm had been raging for hours.
  11. We had been watching the movie for thirty minutes when the power went out.
  12. The team had been training hard for the championship game for months.
  13. She had been learning Spanish for years before she became fluent.
  14. They had been renovating the house for months before they finally moved in.
  15. He had been fishing all day before he caught anything.
  16. By the time she arrived, the cake had been baking for an hour.
  17. We had been hiking for hours before we reached the summit.
  18. The students had been studying for the exam all week before they felt prepared.
  19. She had been teaching at the school for ten years before she retired.
  20. They had been driving for hours before they reached their destination.
  21. He had been working on the car for hours before he fixed it.
  22. We had been discussing the project for hours before we realized it was time for lunch.
  23. The baby had been crying for hours before she finally fell asleep.
  24. They had been traveling around the world for months before they returned home.
  25. She had been volunteering at the shelter for years before she adopted a dog.
  26. He had been saving money for years before he could afford to buy a house.
  27. We had been waiting in line for hours before we got tickets to the concert.
  28. The students had been working on their essays for weeks before they submitted them.
  29. She had been dreaming of becoming an actress since she was a child.
  30. They had been working on the project for months before they realized they were going in the wrong direction.

Examples of Past Perfect Progressive Tense


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